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Cool, another envent I look forward to being part of.

(wow, chitanda literally has gifs for everything).
So, just as the original post said, I don't care about the genre as long as the series has that aomething I look for in anime, the difference being I don't want a great plot, I generally don't care about the plot (my second favourite anime literally has no plot).

My go to in anime is good character interaction and development. And what genre generally focuses on these things? Well this might make me get a lot less likes buuuuut, cute girls doing cute things... yeah.

Series with this kind of focus generally don't care too much about advancing with the plot, so they have a lot more time to advance with the characters, see k-on, lucky star or hibike! euphonium.

When talking about character interaction, the first show that comes to my mind is monogatari series, but unfortunately, it is not a "cute girls doing cute things" anime, so I will not be able to talk about it here.

So I am going to use as an example my previously mentioned second favourite anime, k-on!
One of the things I like the most on k-on! is how every character acts a little bit different depending on what person they are with, as if they were... well... actual people xD. There are a lot of anime that don't bother with this and is actually the amin reason I dislike some pretty popular series like sao, where kirito just acts the exact same way with the girl he is supposedly in love than with a random blacksmith he just met for example.

Let us put Yui as an example here and examine how she acts with every other girl in the band.
Yui with azusa. This is the most obvious one, where yui usually treats azusa almost like a pet, although she sometimes feels threatened by azusa's ability to play the guitar.
Yui with mio. When she is with mio, yui brings out a little bit more of seriousness (although she is yui, of course she is not completely serious), having almost all of the music-related conversations with her.
Yui with mugi. When mugi is around, yui becomes more curious and sometimes tries to force some reactions out of her, seeing her as a kind of extravagant person (but cute extravagant, not crazy extravagant xD).
Finally, when she is with ritsu she lets out her stupid self and things can escalate pretty quickly, both of them showing that they are still children.

You might think that this is not that important in an anime and that the most important thing is an enjoyable plot, after all, why go so deep as to look the tiny details that differ from a character talking to different people in different ways? Well, a couple years ago I was the same, so I respect that point of view, but I got bored of what I would call "mindless entertainment" for a lack of a better way to describe it. So I started asking myself why I liked this medium and how are the series I like different from the ones I don't and this is what I found out. Since then, whenever I particularly like or dislike a series, I ask myself why and what study what parts of that anime were good and what parts were bad.

Of course not all "cute girls doing cute things" anime do this "Trying to make the characters look human" thing, there are still a lot of copy-pasted anime in this genre with no personality at all and I do find those absolutely boring, being how cute the girls are the only appeal of the anime (the one complaint that people usually have with the genre) and I usually drop them after a couple episodes, for example anne happy.

So as my closing paragraph, I want to advise you guys think about what it is that you like in your favourite anime, It might take a while to understand it, but once you know what you like, looking for new anime that you might enjoy actually becomes much easier. Thanks for reading to anyone that made it this far and don't forget to drop a like :p.

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