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By Ao-chan2017-05-05 13:17

Hi minasan 👋🏻
well, this time I'll share and explain my favourite genre of Anime & Manga. I think each genre has its own characteristics that make it unique, and will take you in a different direction when trying to learn Japanese. Many of the anime & manga is a Cross-genre I think we all know that, and for me the best combination of cross-genre, is the most common one, rom-com, who doesn't want a romance with the mixture of comedy 😝 moving on, here are seven of my favorite genres. (๑・‿・๑)
• Shoujo
Shoujo genre has cliché things, and most of the girls like cliché, don't we? The characters in it, especially the guys for me were almost my ideal guys. Reading shoujo mangas also helped me understand why girls are like this, and made my standards for guys higher. It also gave me more of 'kilig' factor, than what most wattpad stories made me feel. I just can't help myself reading more of shoujo mangas for that the illustrations are awesome. I like to save pages from shoujo mangas, because they also teach you good things. And I also can relate in what the characters are experiencing.
Also to kill time! When you finish a good shoujo manga, you can't stop yourself to find another one. That's my cycle.
• Harem/Reverse Harem
I don't know if I like or hate the Harem genre. Because sometimes, you'll get pissed to the protagonist being dense, and also for not choosing the girl you want him to end up with. I watched harem animes like Infinite Stratos, and I was annoyed how the protagonist is denser than a blackhole!! Sometimes, harem animus got so many fanservices like pantsu exposures, boobs, etc 😂.
But overall, when I choose my best girl for every harem anime, I seem to always choose the tsundere type, boyish type and also the genki type. And harem animus have comedy genre also, so it's fun to watch, but then you'll remember that the protagonist is dense, so you'll get pissed in the end LOL.
• Yaoi
All hail Yaoi. ~ Yaoi having a solid plot, amazing and perfect characters, and a lot of sub-genres, I love everything about Yaoi manga and I want to keep on reading more. Each manga is filled with excitement and I'm kept intrigued with every content. (///▽///) We just didn't have enough positions for all of them! So, what do you think? There are many good-looking male charaters in yaoi manga/anime they really tend to use a lot of handsome boys in their work, that is extractly girls want to read and enjoy. After all, we can enjoy double numbers of good-looking men in BL manga.(>_<)
I found myself reading BL manga or watching BL anime are not merely because I want to see two handsome men filerting with each other, but Ireally want an imagination of 'pure love'. BL is such a ideal world.
• Action
Action anime & manga, might be some of the most basic genres out there, but they can add suspense and thrill to any show. Who doesn’t love a good action anime? With their violence, heart-pumping battle scenes, bad-ass weaponry, trigger happy psychopaths, and unique storylines.
Action anime's are typically good if what you want is a bunch of fight scenes. Of course the best part in action anime is the fighting scenes and winning the battles. Or when they woke up from defeated and win. 😝💪🏻
• Comedy/Slice of Life
Lol, who doesn't love comedy? Life is meaningless without comedy- like seriously, those puns, punchlines, and jokes can make my day. I have a different taste of humor lol. It can also stop me from being sleepy. Don't wanna sleep? Watch comedy animus. I also really love this genre other than shoujo >_>. Romcom is the best!! 👍🏻
• Romance
When this part comes, it made me wonder and think a few times, what's the difference of shoujo and romance? I can't find my resolves, so I check it on the net to see what's the difference of shoujo and romance? According to Le Hao ~ The name shoujo refers to the fact that manga drawn in this genre is usually aimed towards young girls. Because young girls do like to read about romance, this genre is flooded with romance manga/anime, but that doesn’t mean a shoujo manga is a romance manga. There are shounen (for young boys) manga that are in romance genre as well. I disagree with the answer from Anime Seeker above me, saying that Shoujo manga means girls having a more important role. That’s not true; shoujo manga means that manga is more to the taste of a girl rather than a boy. It’s probably easier to define shoujo manga by putting it next to its male counterpart, that is shounen manga.
(I copy this explanation, because I think we have the same opinion) I hope this can be considered. (´▽`|||)
I think usually, shoujo manga has a softer style of art and story, as opposed to shounen. For example, Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book of Friends) is a shoujo manga/anime, however it is not a romance. If you put Natsume next to a shounen manga, for example Hunter x Hunter, which is usually considered one of the classic shounen series, you can see the difference.
• Fantasy
FANTASY IS A COOL GENRE! I can't explain why, but it is really cool. Fantasy fills the gap for the reality. I like how a character can teleport or use magic. The character designs in fantasy animes are what I like the best!
---------------THANK YOU---------------
Thanks for reading I hope you like it, and I hope I didn't make you bored 😐 (〃・ิ‿・ิ)

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