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The clash between the awesome and boresome !!
Whenever you recommend an anime to a newbie ....the reply mostly comes as "Sorry i don't watch cartoons"

For people like those ...we gotta teach a lesson for sure right?
We gotta let them know the difference so they never dare to compare them as same !! and so !! i list out some notable and remarkable difference !!

1)The openings !!
Anime :-Superbly made !! have beautiful and unique animations specifically made for that anime! And there are also updates in it when new arcs come !!

Cartoons :- Song is poorly performed ...usually just describes the premise of the show !!

2) Art Style
Anime :- Well detailed ..beautiful and exquisite background details. Awesome models and breathtaking visuals !!

Cartoons :-Simple boring drawings made from flash or other old stuff !!

3) Background music
Anime :- beautifully orchestrate score that can range from pop rock jazz and any genre that fits the unique established setting.

Cartoons :-whatever background music is available in their stock music library.

Anime :-(complex)Amazing storyline usually placed around centralized plot which develops over the show leading to a spectacular finish.

Cartoons :- (simple)Episodic ...usually about super heroes.

Anime :-It covers a wide range of genre !!Action ,adventure, romance,comedy,drama,sports,mystery,horror etc.

Cartoons :- comedy or children's action shows !! mostly about super heroes.

Anime :- Anime don’t always follow a general concept. It doesn’t always have a happy ending in as well.

Cartoons :- Cartoons are usually intended to induce laughter and there’s always a happy ending.

7) Sketching of Characters:
Anime :- the anime character can be seen in proportionate body structure reflecting an actual human body.

Cartoons :- a deformed or exaggerated touch is given to a cartoon character to give a comical essence to it

Anime :- Not all anime are for kids !! infact very few are for kids. Anime usually have scary stuff, killing, bloodshed and adult stuff not meant for kids to watch.

Cartoons :-Only comedy

9) Animation techniques
Anime :-make best use of frames etc. to reduce the cost etc.but make it very detailed and beautiful !!

Cartoons :- animations are not really good and they keep on making different frames for each scene.

10) Emotions
Anime :-Everyone here must have experienced anime feels right? sadness ,laugher,suspense , thrills,happiness etc.
Cartoons :- The only feels i had were laughter and boredom.

~~~~~~~~~ Sharp differences !! ~~~~~~~~~~
Anime :- From Japan
Cartoons :- From west

2) For whom?
Anime :-Mature content (yaoi yuri ecchi)
Cartoons :- Targeted for kids

3) basic themes
Anime :- Deep themes
Cartoons :- Humorous themes

4) sketches
Anime :- Detailed drawing style
Cartoons :- Deformed drawing style

5) Story
Anime :-Follows a plot(in continuation)
Cartoons :-Everyday a new adventure

6) Gender
Anime :- gender cant be distinguished easily
Cartoons :- can easily identity gender

Anime :- waaay more detailed
Cartoons :- just 3 round circles

Anime :- Deaths do occur
Cartoons :- No character dies!!

Anime :-
Cartoons :-
Anime :-
Cartoons :-

Option 9 and 10 i shall leave them for you to fill !! comment down other differences between anime and cartoons !!

Note :-there are exceptions in each point i noted but i am only taking the maximum truth !!

Thanks for reading~

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