Fangirling or Fanboying

By SriyaScarlet2017-05-06 15:43

We've all experienced it, — the crazy fangirl or fanboy who just can't even handle all the feels they gets when they see their bias.
So how much of a fan can a person be ?
Lets take a look at the types of fans !!

1)The normal fan
-A normal person who knows a little information about it and calls himself or herself a fan. They won't have any merchandise or anything related to their bias with them.

2)The too much feels fan
-"the omg my ship is a canon !! god bless the author im soo happy !!" or " he was my favourite ! why did he have to die !? im sooo sad for him" The fan who gets too excited or too depressed at a turning point in movie.

3)The stay awake till 5pm watching anime fan
-Anime first ...sleep second type !!im more like 1 season per day (and if anime is short ...1 or more anime per day )
who cares about sleep when you got anime to accompany you !!

4)The over obsessive fan
-I love that character !! i cant live without him/her. These are the fans who have waifu and husbandos.(Do you have one ? comment his or her name !! my husbando is usui !!)
These type of fans are deeply connected with anime and really love their favourites. They try to be the no. one in being obsessed with that character and are ready to prove it by doing what so ever !!

5)The intense blogger fan
-"Reads a new manga"- likes it -- gotta share that fact so they make a blog. They make a blog to let people know what they are doing and what their views are about the new things they did. they would make a blog regarding any small part of the anime they like. They are like 24/7 online ...and their job is to create blogs.

6)The no money for merchandise fan (or too much money for merchandise fan)
-if they have money ...they would by every merchandise out there ...but due to the limited amount of money ...they have to restrict their choices.But if they had money ..then no doubt all the merchandise store would have been swept off !!

7)The undercover fan
-The shy people who are scared to reveal the fact that they are an anime fan. They act like undercover agents ...they disguise themselves and enter anime store to buy stuff. Or they don't want to reveal that they are an anime fan due to other reasons.

8)The shipper fan
-They are the people who ship everything. They ship the main pair and also the rival ship of the main pair... Actually they are such a big shippers that they even ship characters from different anime.

9) The hardliner
-they only accept their own fandom and try to convert every fan into their fandom.They want their fandom to be on the top and would reject everyother fandom (seriously! i have seen this a lot few nalu fans are like nalu is everything and if they hear the name nali .....they would go berserk.)

10) The all rounder
-The fan who is a mix of all the above.

Comment the type of anime fan you are !!
Thanks for reading ~

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