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By SriyaScarlet2017-05-07 11:20

If you’re an Anime fan, don’t ever think it’s NOT ok to watch it. The problem isn’t you, the problem is the people who judge you for it because they lack understanding.

Often i have heard that people are scared to express their love for anime in front of others.
(i have decided to express my view regarding it)

People judge you on basis of what you’re interested in. And of all the things to be interested in, Anime is something many people don’t understand.

Some people view it as childish, over the top, weird, strange, stupid, and many other things. Because of that, some of us who are Anime fans will hide our interests from such people. Especially when those types of people are our family, or even friends in some cases. Strangers as well.

It’s typical to be ignorant and judgmental towards things you don’t understand. And Anime happens to be one of those things people will judge you for, or look at you strangely just because you’re a fan, and they’re not.

Some people will hide things they like from other people if they think the fact that they like it can be somehow used against them in some way or another. Family and friends are of the opinion that “cartoons” are stupid and are meant for kids!So, yes People do hide their interest so that they can claim their right to be called a sane human.(there are exceptions).

However, I don’t think that’s right. You shouldn’t be ashamed of what you like or love,because that’s what makes you...You

In school personally, watching anime is sorta taboo I hide watching anime from my friends and my peers because I'm afraid of how far my social status would drop

I feel
it's a really great thing (i mean anime) and I really hate the fact that people have to hide it that's probably why I'm making thus post so I can meet people who like it just like me.

We should express our opinion ...Don't be scared to express your views.(i know it can be hard ) but we must not be afraid to express our views .Feel free cause you have the right to do so. Your likes cant be judged by others ...And their opinion must not hurt you.... All i want to say is be yourself !! be true to your likes !!

thanks for reading ~
Do express your views !

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