By Ghoul982017-05-08 20:09

Okay,first things first, even though I prefer yaoi ships and couples, for my OTP I had to go with Usui and Misaki

I chose them simply because they opened the shoujo door for me 😊

Kaichou wa Maid-sama was my first shoujo/romance anime and all those moe, heart throbbing moments were all new to me and they made me want more and that's the reason I started reading manga
And that's why this couple is very important to me

Misaki as school president strides to make it a better place for everyone, but mainly girls, as she isn't so fond of boys
But after school,she's different person,she helps her family as best as she can
She always puts others before herself, and things she's not good at, she puts her heart into studying them and that's why I fell in love with her

She's a strong female lead,but she has her cute moments which only show up when she's around Usui,and that was sooo cute for me

As for Usui,other than knowing he's quite popular everything's a mystery

Actually since beginning we could see that he's interested in Misaki
He was so protective,did lots of things to help her and he was so cute trying to get into her life,which he slowly succeeded

As a couple, they look,simply put, perfect
Both great students, great people,they have their cool,silly and cute moments

To cut it short,their way of caring for one another,the way they deal with problems together, Misaki's density when it comes to love,Usui's jealousy when Shintani appears, all their time together made me choose them as my OTP 💗

Sorry if this post was long or boring, but if it wasn't, I'm glad
Thank you for reading (´。• ω •。`) ♡

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