💗💖 "My life belongs to you"💖💗

By SriyaScarlet2017-05-09 03:08

💖When it comes to falling in love ...no reason is required💖
And when it comes to shipping the ones you think would look good together.....
You just have to make a blog regarding them !! SO..........
Read below about the lovable pairing i have chosen💞

Gruvia (Gray X Juvia)
-from fairytail
Most of you would have already knew me as a gruvia fan !!
I have already written a poem regarding their ship. Check it out in the related posts.

Anyways now it's time to give a detailed survey of how it became my favourite OTP.

💛 The Stripper💗&💗The Stalker 💛

The Stripper & The Stalker
please don't be a mocker
Are at best when they are together
Cause that is what i want them to be forever !

They love each other very much
And often they are found in touch
always protecting each other ....
from any occurring disaster.

Juvia is a stalker
Gray is a stripper
And i just cant write their love on paper
cause i end up being a blunder maker.

From their 1st meeting to what's happening right now....
Ever since Juvia fell in love with gray
and ever since Gray showed the rain women sunlight...
A new story began...
A story which brought a really precious person into Gray's life

Both of them gave each other lots of care
But Gray's way was different i swear !
He ignored her outside as much as possible
But inside he felt miserable.

I seriously love these two !! they both have different ways of expressing their love for each other !!

In case of gray -He would bluntly ignore her most of the time but when she is in trouble ....he always comes to rescue.

In case of juvia-She is always expressing her love for him. If you take a look at her room ....it is filled with many"Gray sama" .. she makes cookies for him,scarf for him,even a pillow of herself for him.
When it comes to juvia ...she always wants good for gray and make gray happy and protect him.

So deeply was Gray in love
He gave his life for saving juvia from attacks above
Soo remorseful was Juvia then
Decided not to let that happen again.

seriously !! i cant express their love in one go !!
I mean it !! they care for each other soooo much !! i really love those two.When invel has cast his ice lock. They both took their lives simultaneously as they didn't want to hurt each other !! i was so madly sad when that happened !! But that actually makes the shipping canon somehow rit ?

I still wanna write more about them !! So i will use pictures to show their moments together !!

1) The first meeting battle !! soo much happened in this very episode !!Gray defeats the bad Juvia and brings the good side of her outside ....and he also grabs her.......

2) During parade when they said goodbye to Laxus.

3) The fantastic union raid of ice and water on whole town !!

4) When juvia got drunk and all (would you look at Gray's face !)

5) Juvia wants to ride the love ride !

6) They are together !!

7) Juvia watches Gray going for a shot !!

8) Would you look at juvia's room !! it's all Gray !!

9) Juvia's body pillow is gifted to gray !!

10) Juvia hugs Gray ...and says she is scared !!

11)Gray returns the hug

12) Gray wears juvia's scarf

13) Fro thinks so too !! that gray and juvia love each other !

14) Say aah

15)you are so warm !

16) im here with you !!

17) they takes out each other's lives

18) Juvia wants to be a constellation with gray !!
-----------and many more such moments are what i cherish about them.....------------
So some of their quotes

Thanks for reading !!

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