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By Ayuzawa.2017-05-10 09:22

They are my #1 OTP and one of my favourite anime. They are literally perfect for each other!

I absolutely love watching these two tease each other. They have the most hilarious relationship. Kaichou wa maid sama is the best anime I've ever seen I have read/watched this series many times and I can't get enough of it.😆😆😆

I just love the way she is. She has an amazing personality and isn't afraid to stand up for others.She's strong and she always tried her best in whatever she did.

Misaki holds a strong dislike towards men due to an event occurring in her past this sort of attitude gave Misaki the nickname "The Demon Prez"

One day Usui happened to discover her working as a maid and that was when their special relationship started. He doesn't tell anyone about her secret.

Takumi begins coming to Maid Latte, making her wonder whether he wants to torture her.

He even confessed his feelings to Misaki many times, but that only caused more confusion for her. He also wanted to know want she thought of him, Misaki wasn't being honest to herself, as a result she didn't know what to think of him.

Although it was slow but I love the way Misaki accepted that she is already head over heels for the guy she hated the most.

Just looking at him make my heart 💓doki doki💓
He's the perfect husbando material. I fell in love with him instantly while watching maid sama.
He's so handsome,intelligent, smart in studies and sports.

He's a funny guy

and act as a pervert(sometimes)

he's perfect in everything excluding cooking,

the violin,


martial arts and table etiquette although he's very popular, he doesn't let it go to his head.
Usui usually acts cold and distant towards most people, including girls who try to get close to him. He rejects all of them harshly. Usui actually cares about other living beings. He picked up a stray cat and took care of it, even though it always scratches him and stays away from him, he never abandoned it, and it shows that Usui is not as heartless and cold as he seems.

Misaki is the first person that he developed fellings for.

Despite misaki's explosive personality usui always tend to withdrawn. She differs from other, that's why Usui love her. He's a silent and mysterious person yet only opened himself to misaki.It is even more cute when Usui tries to tease Misaki(to see her "interesting expressions")

she nicknames him "perverted outer-space alien".

Usui claims that he is the type of guy that likes to stalk people (especially Misaki)

He cares for misaki and is always there for her whenever she is in trouble (even if she says that she does not wants his help). He does not care about himself as long as it can help Misaki and even pushes himself off the limit.Usui would even risk his life just to protect her. He hates when people have dirty or perverted thoughts about her and gets very jealous when any other guy gets too close to her or draws her attention from him.

Be a lover, not a fighter.
But always fight for what you love.

In chapter 32, Usui confesses to Misaki during the school's firework festival and they share a kiss,

though the relationship does not become formalized until Misaki herself confesses her love to him in chapter 57.

I really enjoyed all the comedy scenes and really liked Usui's character development, how he turned from an emotionless person to a caring person after he met misaki. Misaki doesn't trust men but it is Usui who teaches Misaki that boys are not all scum.Misaki needs Usui and Usui needs Misaki.

They are a couple perfect for each other. These two are the perfect blend of adornment and intimacy.

In the end they get married.

I love their children. Sara seems to be like Usui and Rui resembles his mother. They both are cute😍

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