👑👑 A true otaku !!👑👑

By SriyaScarlet2017-05-10 11:43

Are you one of the true otaku's ?
Is your love for anime real?
Well then .... Prove yourself !! i have chosen some quite often happening stuff to a real anime fan (otaku)
-tell me how many out of these have you experienced !!

1. When you CANNOT just watch one episode.
-I'm more like one season per day 😍😍

2. When your career choices start revolving around your passion for anime.
-I want to be an animator or a manga artist !! ✨✨

3. When you're about to reach the end of an anime you're emotionally invested in...
...and then you realize that it won't continue...
...and then you get really angry...
...and then you get sad and confused because you don't know what to do with your life.
-fairy tail is gonna end !! I'm sooo sad !! 😭😭😭😭

4.When your parents just don't get it.
- "you are grown up !! stop watching these kids cartoons!!" And we are like
" Dear parents,
i cant see from angle ...how these anime can be watched by
kids. And please ...these are not cartoons !!" 🙅🙅

5. When you wish you could have your favorite character's dietary habits.
- how are they even slim throughout the series !! how are they all soo good looking? i wanna know all their secrets of how they ate maintaining their body fit.🙋🙋

6. When the heartbreak...
...is just too much to handle...
...and you end up a total mess.
- why is shishio sensei not together with suzume !!
- why is onodera not together with raku !!
- why is zeref ignoring Mavis's feels when they both feel same way !!
- Did larcade deserve to die like that ?🙍🙍🙍

7. When you find your favorite anime on TV but it's dubbed and not subbed.
- its cause i prefer subs waaay more than dubs.👍👍

8. When people brush off anime as cartoons...
...for kids.
- you don't know anything !!👎👎

9. Coming across SPOILERS.
-spoiler alert !!! but i tend to read spoilers any way !! right now my biggest task is to Dodge spoilers regarding fairy tail : Dragon cry !!😎😎😑🙈🙈🙈

10. When for a very brief second, you take a step back and have a reality check.
-I'm kind of balanced at both so no worries !!😄

11. When you're trying to explain an anime while watching it.
-hey !! don't disturb me...All the details u require i will tell after the episode gets over !! until then don't disturb me !! don't utter a single word in between !! if u do so then beware
Death awaits u !!😠😠

12.When you see a cool Otaku store but then you look at the price tags.
- its time to rob a bank !!😓😓

13. When your friends look at your music playlist on your iPod and they have no idea at what they're looking at.
- sorry buddy everything is a alien language for u but actually life for me!!😁😁

14. When you meet someone who totally gets what you're talking about.
-the best epic moment !! i swear !!😍😍

15. When you see something that looks really good, but you have no idea which anime it's from.
-please !!! somebody !! tell me which anime it is from !! in this case google us actually waaay more useful than humans !!!😂😂

16. "It's just an anime . . ."

17. You put off that last episode/chapter because you can't face the fact that it's ending.
- fairy tail is gonna end !! cries in the corner !!😭😭

18. Not being sure if you should rewatch your favorite anime, or start a new one.
- i felt it quite some times !!😣😣

19. When something absolutely amazing, beautiful, and utterly perfect happens in your favorite anime, and all you can do is stare and scream to yourself.
-Problem of having no anime friend in real life !! 🐮🐮

20. Being physically unable to draw anything but anime.
-i literally know how it feels !! ✏

My score is 18/20 ...What's yours?
Thanks for reading !!

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