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If we're talking about OTPs.. I HAVE LOTS OF THEM.
I have some from books like Percy Jackson (SOLANGELO YASS), and The Maze Runner (NEWTMAS FTW!!).
And then there's the ones from dramas..
Of course there are the ones from the animes like Viktuuri and Gerita (anyone watch Hetalia here?🙋🏻)

There's so much OTPs that I have, but this time I'm going to choose Viktuuri💕
.. I suck at telling my OTPs to others so I'm just going to give you guys a fanfic, enjoy😙


Title: We're My OTP
Author: moemoeels39 (Anime Sama) / fidelisbast39 (AO3)
Pairing: Viktuuri (Viktor/Yuuri)
Based on the song "We're My OTP" by Troye Sivan

[AU where Yuuri is a 16 years old fanboy of Viktor who is a 20 years old actor]
Yuuri POV
"🎵🎵Yes, we were born *nghh"* to make history🎵~~~ahnn~~"
It's currently 5 p.m. right now and what you've just read right there.. is victor's singing in a live show as he exaggerated his singing with his moaning as a fan service. And yea..that's sexy.

Oh... where's my manner. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yuri katsuki. You can call me katsudon if you wish cuz imma delish AND sexy *licks lips*. Okay, sorry.. i went too far.

For your information my dear reader in my mind... I, as you can see, am seriously, magically, infinitely in LOVE with the professional actor, singer, fashion model named Victor Nikiforov.

And what you are reading right now.. is a sad love story about me and victor as we actually haven't met before. BECAUSE I'M JUST ONE OF HIS FANS. Of thousands.. wait, millions of fans. But I can guarantee that I am his number one fan.

As a proof, I am the one who make the victor international fan account in Instagram, tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. And you can read my fanfiction about me and victor in the tumblr.

Oh.. and for your information, not that you'd be interested in, I am now scrolling through youtube to search for something. Anything that's amazing enough for me to give to Victor. Let's see...song about love... song about hatred... jealousy... obsession... OTP....wait. OTP? ....NOW THAT'S WHAT I NEED! YASS 'We're my OTP' this song is good..

Time to get serious guys... mic, check. Camera, check. Clothes.. I look fab.. *smiles at a mirror* check. *goes into a pretty nice room* *places the camera* *searchs a fine angle* gotcha.. *turns on the camera* ..inhale... *starts singing*

🎶Valentine's Day is creeping up on me
Still staring at you on my computer screen
Writing a fan fic in the middle of the night
'Cause this will bring us closer, right?

"You've never met them," the peasant cried
I've told you before, are you deaf?
I've fallen in love with a GIF

We're my OTP,
Baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

We're my OTP,
Baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

I got Viktor Nikiforov infection
Whatever floats your boat, what's your addiction?
And you, Tumblr, you make it so much worse
You make me feel the feels, RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS!

I'll love you always, I'll love you 5ever
I'll love you as much as I love Nutella... almost.

We're my OTP,
Baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

We're my OTP,
Baby you and me
We'd be so sexy🎶
I kept singing and dancing in front of the camera without a care. I don't know why but it felt so great to do this. I kept moving my body and singing, I didn't care that some of the notes I sang was totally off key.

Finally the song ended, I took a deep breath while looking at the camera.

"No, literally, the only thing that's stopping us from getting married is the fact that we haven't 'met yet'." I said before I pressed the stop button.

That last part... is my favorite.. like.. it's my life. It gives me hope of marrying Victor. Or maybe my hope is too high for me to reach. Oh well... let's just post it in the internet... dum dum dum~ don't forget the #loveVictorNikiforovForLive
And...POST! I think that's enough for today. I am gonna sleep and wait for some responds tomorrow morning.
Morning 08.00

*Beep*Bepp*Beep* The sound of my alarm wakes me up. Ugh.. I don't wanna get up... five more minutes then. *snore*...

'YES WE WERE BORN TO MAKE...' "OMAIGAD THAT SCARED ME FOR VICTOR'S LOVE" why did I set my ringtone so loud? That one definitely woke me up though.. Maybe I should change my alarm sound later. So.. who is the person disturbing me in the middle of my beauty sleep...huh? Nishigori... Yuuko... why is she calling me?

*touch the green button* "hel-.."

"YUURI!!TV!WATCH IT!NOW!!!" Damn...her yelling just broke my eardrum..


"JUST OPEN CHANNEL 9!NOW!" this girl never chills, I thought.

"okay okay" I said as I turned on my tv and turned the chnnel to channel 9 just like she told me to.

... .. I am speechless. I'm confused. I don't believe what i just watch. Is this real? Is this a dream? This is reality right? I mean..Victor..he..is in Japan.

Waitwait...i need to calm down. I need to do somethi- 'BANG'
*bangs head on the door*
"aaarrgggghh...its...reali..ty...ouch.." it hurts..its real. Its not a dream.
Victor...VictorVictorVictorVictorVictor...WhereIsHeWhereIsHeWhereIsHe... *search the internet* "I found it!!! Wait...kyu..shu..? KYUSHU!?? WHERE IN KYUSHU??!!"
*found nothing*
"aaahhh.... dammitttt" I need to go. I need to search for him. Good bye my family. I love you all.. I really love you. But I need to search for my love.
*puts on jacket*
*runs to the entrance door*
*opens the door* 'BUAGH!' Something just pushed me down. "H-huh? wha? A dog? Wait..vicchan?" No its not Vicchan. Wait..this dog is.. dont tell me.. "Makkachin!! don't just run leaving me.." someone yelled from afar. "..behind...ah.." NO WAY!
" Vi-Vi-Vic-Victorrr!!??" I stuttered. It's him! Victor is in front of me! Wait.. I'm not mentally prepared yet...it's just too much.

"Ah...yuuri...we finally meet" he says while smiling innocently like he always does.

"Wha..why are you here?" Oh no.. I cant stop blushing..

"Well...wasn't it you who said it?" he teased.

"Said what?" nooooooo...why can't I stop stuttering!!

"Don't tell me you had already forgotten what you posted on the internet yesterday" Victor said as he walked closer to me.
"The only thing that's stopping us from getting married is the fact that we havent met yet" he whispered near my ear. "So I have come to meet you my dear yuuri" he smiled.


Well that's it from me folks~
I know that some of you might think that Yuuri's personality is ooc in this fanfic, I was planning to make Yuuri a really hardcore fan of Victor, but when he finally met Victor his crazy acts slowly stopped as he became really shy everytime he meets Viktor.
But tbh I couldn't continue since I had writer's block, sorry.

The lyrics that Yuuri sang is from Troye Sivan's song "We're My OTP" (I changed it a bit though). It's quite funny, if you guys want to you can check the video out lol👇🏻

I hope you guys liked the fanfic, bye💕

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