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Hii Anime sama users and my dear friends, Im going to talk about my favorite couple in Anime, i watched a Lot of Romance anime and i choosed this Lovey dovey couple for a Lot of reasons ( it was really hard to choose, their is a lot of great couples in Anime )
💙 Hiraga Saito 💙
❤Louise Françoise le blanc de la valliére❤

The Anime
Zero no tsukaima:
Louise is a self absorbed mage in a world of wands,cloaks and royalty, Although she studies at a tristain academy, a prestigious school for magicians, she is unable to cast magic properly earning her the nickname of " Louise the zero " from her classmates, when the second year students are required to perform a summoning ritual, Louise summoning results in a catastrophic explosion! Every one think this to be yet another failure but when the smoke clears, a boy named Saito appears. Now as Louise's familiar saito is treated as a slave

forced to clean her clothes and eat off the ground but when an unfamiliar brand is found etched on the boy's hand from the summoning ritual, it is believed to be the mark of the legend himself the powerful familiar Gandalfr.
The anime follows saito as he comes to terms with his new life and as Louise proves that there is more to her than her nickname suggests.

The Anime is pretty full of romance,magic, war, breasts, adventure and explosions the reason i choosed this couple is because the story could've turned well between saito and a normal maid from his world or with a beautiful kind Fairy who saved his Life but No! it was him and that tsundere flat chested girl who hates him and treats him like a dog

since he was summoned saito never really hated louise he fell in love at first sight because he knew that she was lost and hopeless with all those magical failures and that she needed someone in her life.It was his duty to protect her not as a familiar but as her Lover.
Hiraga Saito:

Saito is Normal High school student who Lives in japan a Normal boring Life, he is average in everything, his grades, sports, Lifestyle and even charming his female classmates.
He is little on the uptake he never think before acting, always waiting for something to happen, something that will changes his Life like finding a portal to another world in front of him. He had a Huge amount of curiosity, if something interests him he will persue it, after meeting Louise as a servant or should i say as her dog he becomes fiercely loyal to his master showing willingness to Fight in spite of the odds if it means protecting her
He also has instincts of subserviency to Louise due her violent behavior, he is the first anime character to change from a normal pure person in season 1 to a total pervert in season 2. Saito has the abillity to use any weapon perfectly without training

he has a good swordmen style (i would want to see a battle between him and Kirito)
Nothing can beat his Love for Louise❤.
In his first days at the academy he caused a lot of troubles for Louise, troubles that could have expelled her but still...she accepted him and cared about him behind the scene, every time he was getting into fights she would stay up all night to heal his wounds, it was her pure side that was never showed cause of her tsundere aptitude.
Louise Françoise de La valliére:

Louise is a High class Tsundere (even more than taiga from toradora) but she is Zero in the art of magic the only thing she is good at is well... Explosion!!! She is a Noble who defends her honor as a benevolent and superior person.
Louise literally treats Saito like a dog, she hates him and is ashamed of him, as saito looks and acts like a commener he starts to show his worth as familliar to Louise even if she thinks of him as a failure due to her magical aptitude.
As the story develops she start realizing that she cares about him not simply as her familliar who is bound to protect her but she falls in love with him.

As a tsundere she denys her love for saito and get jealous when ever a girl stays with him. Louise is called the Zero for her failure in magic but saito calls her Zero for her Flat chest " Louise the Zero, Size of the chest Zero" that's why he got beat up Every night by his master😂
This couple is really funny and full of Love
In the final episodes the bond between them grow stronger and stronger until they get married

that moment was really touching❤
that's all i hope you enjoy it!😊
sorry for my bad english
thanks for Reading👍

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