Several Otaku Activities

By Kirane~sama2017-05-17 11:23

Konichiwa! Welcome and today, I'd like to talk about several activities otakus do throughout the days :3
1. Searches for new anime and watches them
~We can't just stay and watch our favorite anime shows forever. We gotta get out a bit more ^o^~
2. Repeats the anime from the top (Marathons)
~If that anime totally enticed us, we can't stop ourselves from watching them over and pver again,eh? I've experienced that SO MANY times~
3. Stays up all night watching anime
4. Stays in the room the WHOLE day
~I've actually done that a lot of times already. I watch anime non-stop in my room~
~Yep. We'd need something in the real world relating to our favorite anime,right?~
6. Makes a list of waifus and husbandos 😍
~We admire anime characters a lot that we come to like/love them. Of course,I have my own list ;)~
~Yeahhh. I do this a lot. The heartbreak when a ship doesn't sail is too much 💔💔. Especially when they're your OTP~
8. Revolves ambitions around anime
~I'd like to go to Japan someday and work there. A job related to anime ;)
9. Fangirling, fangirling and more fangirling
~Since I've come to love anime so much, never has a day in my life passed without me fangirling 😂💖~
10. Sometimes,tries to copy styles and habits of favorite anime character
11. Mostly has no one they like in real life. It's all in anime
~*raises hand*~
12. Hates people who bash anime
~Yeah,especially my favorite ones~
13. Experiences extreme sadness when an anime show they like is about to end
~Fairy Tail manga 😭😭😭💔💔💔~
14. Shops a lot at otaku stores/thinking about getting money in whatever way possible just so they can shop
~"Time to rob the bank"~ ^~^
15. All/most of the music in their gadgets are anime opening/ending theme songs
~My friends don't understand the titles and lyrics of songs in my phone~
16. Repeats their favorite scenes in an anime on their mind when they can't watch over and over again
~^^^ Me at school/places without internet~
17. Speaks bits and pieces of Japanese,whether to otakus or non-otakus
~My friends wonder about the meaning of what I just said when I insert a Japanese word in my sentence ^_^~
18. Misses anime when they've been away from it for about 1 minute
~Yussss :3~
By the way,there are way more ways we show our love for anime. These are just some of them ;). Well? How many of these did you relate too? :3 ^_^

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