5 Things That Might Trigger A Fight Between Otakus

By moemoeels392017-05-21 17:43

I actually wasn't planning to make this but I'm really annoyed right now so please bear with my rants.
This post will be about otaku fight triggers and my opinions about them, well I'm not pointing my finger at anyone here or anything but if you feel offended with something I say later in the post, I'm sorry but I won't pull back my words.

You guys ready? Let's start.

Trigger #1
Anime Characters
How can an anime character trigger a fight?
Well you may not realize it but this can happen, how can I say this? Well let's just say that a friend of mine lost his best friend because of a certain anime character.
It might seem silly to some of you, friendship falling apart just because of an anime character.
This 1 sentence created a fight between my friends:
"How could you like Character A? She's so *bleep*"
Some might be okay with this, some might feel a bit hurt. What happened to the guy? He started to badmouth his bestfriend's favorite anime character and then boom goes the fight. Luckily they've stopped fighting, but their relationship isn't as close as before.

Trigger #2
The Problem With OTPs
This is one of the most common trigger.
I felt really annoyed when this happened to me.
This is what happened,
I was posting a pic of Kurotsuki (Kuroo x Tsuki) on instagram I put up a few hashtags including #kurotsuki and #tsukiyama. Before, I always put up those tags whenever I post a kurotsuki pic and there were never any rude comments or anything bad, but then that day a user downright commented on the pic and said this, "GET THAT KUROTSUKI SH*T OFF THE TSUKIYAMA TAG"
I was seriously offended with that, I mean the user didn't need to be so rude to tell me to take off the tag. I get that his/her main OTP is Tsukiyama and they didn't want the tag to be filled with other things but they didn't need to act like that. What if it happened to you? You posted something and got rudely attacked like that just because of a tag, how will you feel?
I know that it was partially my fault for using tags that are a bit irrelevant with the pic but still.

Trigger #3
Hate Posts
Hate is inevitable even in the otaku community. It's not rare to find a post saying, "I hate ... " and the ones who likes the thing the hater hates comes at them and start to badmouth him. One of the most frequent hate posts I've seen, "I hate Yaoi" and "I hate Yuri". All of the hate comes because of the not supporting the same-sex relationship saying it's disgusting or whatever.
Well here's my opinion:
Not everyone likes yaoi, true
Not everyone likes yuri, true
Does that mean everyone likes what you like? No
So is it necessary to spread your hate? No
You don't need to spread your hates, we need to respect each other.

Trigger #4
Different Opinions
People won't agree with what you like or think but we should all respect each other.
One case of fights between otakus because of different opinions happened in youtube.
An otaku youtuber posted a video about the best and the worst animes she had watched. People who agrees with her gave her positive comments but the ones who didn't.
The comments were all:
"I can't believe you didn't put ... on your list"
"What about ... "
(Hello? It's her opinion not yours)
And there were hate comments like:
(Basically this person can't accept other people's opinions)
Not everyone is going to agree with you so just think carefully before you do anything.

Trigger #5
Rude Comments
The same as hate posts yep, but I felt the need to make a different one for comments.
I'm gonna go out and say it, I've had enough with hate comments in anime streaming sites and manga reader apps.
Everytime I check the comments to look at the reviews on some anime in anime streaming sites sometimes there are comments like,
"I hope this isn't yaoi or anything"
"Another yaoi?! When will I ever get a straight romance anime?"
"I can't believe people even watch yaoi, just the thought of watching it just makes me"
Seriously, do they really need to spread their hate? The moment I read those comments I immediately lost my will to watch anything.
You're allowed to give out your opinions but please, don't give out hate.
What good will it give you? The feeling of satisfaction after letting out your hate? You'll feel satisfied but soon you'll be attacked by hate from other people too.

Well that's all that I have for now, like what I said before, I'm sorry if the post offended you or anything but I won't pull back my words. Please respect my opinions^^

Thanks for reading, see you next time~

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