The Kakuja Form Of Kaneki Ken ― The Centipede

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Let The Madness Begin, But Before That― What's One Thousand Minus Seven?

Hello, guys! How's it been with y'all? Me? I'm a bit nervous seeing my grades in school, but for now, let's get dark here (not the racist one) and try to remember our all-time favorite anime/manga, Tokyo Ghoul. I bet you're like "Nope, I'm not doing this again."

For starters... Jk!! There are no such thing as starters in TG. But if you are, try watching TG first before you read this post. Seriously though, watch the two season anime or the manga first, or else you won't understand (not necessarily) what I'm trying to say here.

Okay, first things first, [What triggered Kaneki to get his kakuja form]? So what's a kakuja in the first place? Some of you still might be confused what this is, so I'll explain it for you. A kakuja is a cannibal ghoul that, instead of humans, preys on ghouls. As you have seen in TG√A, Kaneki became this super cool, badass "ghoul" that had a lot of kaguna (just two, actually). And before that, remember that he fought against this super muscular old timer? After that, he lost and fell into a pit or something full of... that's right, dead ghouls. You did notice him eating them, right? Not only that, he also ate Rize and Jason, who are also ghouls themselves.

Second question, [Are there any other modes beside from Kakuja form]? Yes, there is another form, which is the owl form. It is the final form of ghouls who have cannibalized too much. Let's say that the level of cannibalism in kakuja is 1, while in owls, it is 100. While I'm at it, [What's my favorite form]? Sadly, there have been no actual images of Kaneki in owl form, so I go for Kakuja form. He looks really badass, especially with that mask thing and his eyes too.

So [what's my favorite battle scene while he's in kakuja form]? Unfortunately, there were only a few scenes where Kaneki fought in Kakuja form. Also, the scene that I liked while fighting in kakuja form isn't shown in the anime, but rather in the manga. The battle scene was Amon vs Kaneki. It's pretty hard to explain if you haven't read the manga, so... yeah. Here's some pictures, I guess.

And lastly, [What if I get that power]? Nope. I would never want to experience what Kaneki has experienced himself. If going through torture and despair just to become a kakuja, not to mention, a ghoul, then I would humbly decline this offer. We all know that Kaneki had a lot of suffering by just looking at his face. But If I did get that power without any shiz, just like magic, then I would go and mass murder until I die or get captured. Jk, I'm a ghoul, I won't get captured that easily, even in this modern world.

I guess that's all for the mean time. Damn, that was really hard to interpret. Anyways, thank for taking your time to read this, and don't forget to like and comment. Btw, I'm planning on changing the plot of my LN, but the concept will still be there. Thank you very much once again, and have a nice day!!

"I was wrong. I wasn't eating ghouls. I'm the one who was being eaten." ~ Ken Kaneki

Here are some Kaneki badass/kakuja form:

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