Five Places Otakus Hate To Go To...

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I'm Not Really Sure If You'll Agree, But I Hope That You Can Relate Instead

Hello everyone! I haven't posted much recently, because of school stuff, but luckily, school won't be up till august. That means, I can spend more time writing post for you probably.

Anyway, let me get to the point... It's flat. Actually what I meant to say was places where otakus (in majority) would be the last place where they want to go. Most of you would be thinking it would be outside the house, but where exactly? Going outside isn't really that much of a problem, but the places you go outside is.

I want to make this short, so here are five places, in my opinion, which otakus will try their best to avoid:

1. Schools

Whenever I think of places I hate (since I'm an otaku), this always comes in mind first. I want to think of another place, but this just wipes my entire imagination into thinking this. It's as if it's already set to default since the beginning of time or something.
Reason Why It's Hated:
> Ten hours without Anime
> Sleeping hours is shortened
> Stressful studies

2. Crowded Places

What's worse than being alone, because of acting weird (in other's perspective)? For me, it's being in places that have too many people. Festivals, the city, & some other crowded places, these just annoy the hell out of me, honestly. I don't know about you, but I'm sure you hate this too, although it's a pretty vague answer.
Reason Why It's Hated:
> Too many people
> Can't handle social life
> Annoying as hell

3. Forests

Not preferable to go to a place like this. In the forest, everything will be unplugged. Worst case scenario would be no internet, so that pretty much explains everything. Don't forget that there are also things that are found only there.
Reason Why It's Hated:
> No Access To The Internet
> Creepy Crawlies Everywhere
> Danger Level Is Over 9000!!!

4. Hospitals

Some of you right now are wondering why this is here, if hot nurses and doctors are found there? That's because nurses & doctors are the problem! It's like clickbait. You thought it was nice seeing them, but they're just people who will become your nightmares. I might be over exaggerating right now, but for me, hospitals are beyond what could be explained through words. Just see it for yourself. I'm not traumatized though. Not in the least.
Reason Why It's Hated:
> Needles
> Sick People
> Unknown Days Before You Could See Anime Again

5. Beaches

The reason why this is last is because a lot of you (most likely) will deny that this place is hated by otakus. I'm not going to judge you, because you're the one who's going to judge me later on. Anyway, the beach is, like we all know, a beautiful place to be at, whether it's in the anime world or the real one. So why is it here? One word: Otakus.
Reason Why It's Hated:
> Sunlight & Sunburns
> Salty Water That Hurts The Eyes
> Open Wide Space That Enlightens You That You Don't Deserve To Be There

That's all there is to this post, nothing else, nothing more. So I hope you all liked this and hope that you could relate to what I just mentioned. Like always, thank you for reading and don't forget to give this post a like~~ Have A Good Day!!

First Chapter of [Destiny & Despair] Will Be The Next Post Which Will Be Tomorrow, I Hope. Please Look Forward To It. I'm Going To Add A Picture There Too~~ Thanks For The Support!!!!!

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