6 Reasons Why People Leave The World Of Animes

By moemoeels392017-06-04 12:21

This time I'm giving you 6 possible reasons why people leave the world of animes, mangas and otakus.

Reason #1:
The Age Factor
Some people tend to think that animes are for kids, this is probably one of the many reasons why people stops watching them when they've grown older. They might think, "I'm all grown up now, I've got to stop watching this and be mature and blah blah blah" or "Adults don't watch stuffs like animes and cartoons only little kids do". In my opinion those reasons weren't very good since there are also some adults who watch animes, I can say this because I've seen a man who looked like he was around 30 watching ReZero in McDonalds. But it's still their choices though whether to stop or continue.

Reason #2:
Some people who likes anime gets bullied because of that hobby. Everybody has their hobbies but some people might see that liking animes is childish, an easy target to This might cause some to bully the otakus, marking them as weird or other things. These bullies might take it too far to the point the one recieving the bullying couldn't handle it anymore and think horrible things like, "I wish I've never met animes" or "Animes ruined my life". These might make them come to hate and leave the world of otakus.

Reason #3:
My Parents Hates Animes
Some people don't like animes, not everyone will like the same thing. And this might be a problem if your parents doesn't like animes, whether it's because of their way of viewing animes (they think that animes are blah blah). Sometimes that'll make the parents take away all things anime related to stop their kids from watching them. My parents doesn't like animes and they've said this to me a few times now, "You have to stop watching animes, it's ..." and so on, but I'm the type to rebel so I don't like listening to other people's opinions and keep doing what I like and want.
One reason why my parents doesn't like me watching animes: they saw my yaoi collection lol😂

Reason #4:
Social Life
I'm pretty sure that not all of the otakus here are friendless in real life. Some must have a few friends, some might be really popular in real life (example: tbh me). I'm actually quite popular in my school since I'm part of the school choir and english team, I'm also part of the student council so it's kind of hard not to be popular. I'M NOT TRYING TO BOAST OKAY?😅
Anyways, those activities made my social life go on pretty well, that means I hang out with friends often and do other social stuffs. It's nice and all but those social stuff took away all my free time to do all the otaku stuffs. One time I almost left animes thinking, "Maybe I should just keep doing these social stuffs, I'm starting to lose my will to watch animes anyways" THANK GOODNESS I DID NOT DID THAT.

Reason #5:
Family & Love Comes First!
This reason is dedicated for Cookiekinz.
May you live a happy life with your love💕
If you guys haven't read Cookiekinz's post, they said that they'll be leaving Anime Sama. It's sad but we must wish them a happy future^^
I don't think I need to explain this reason, you guys can just check Cookiekinz's farewell post.
Well even though Cookiekinz only said that they will be leaving "Anime Sama" (not the world of animes) this reason might be one of the many reasons that makes other people leaves animes

Reason #6:
I Found Something More Interesting
People tend to watch something they find interesting and to be honest this happened for me. Recently I've found some interesting Thai BL dramas (like Make It Right, Love Sick, SOTUS, Diaries of Tootsies etc) and started to watch them. They were all so cute and good and addicting that I kept watching and begging for more. This would be one of the examples of finding something more exciting. Luckily I didn't go all the way to the point where I'd leave the otaku world. But, just like what I said, some people might find something and leave animes for them.

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