!! The Perfect Day For Otakus !!

By Kirane~sama2017-06-11 05:39

What should be the things present or the things you can do for you to consider a day the perfect day? Well, here are some of them which I think Otakus would love to be present for them to have the perfect day!! 🎉
1. The Day When They Finally Complete Their Collection (Or at least a set of them) (For Otakus that are collectors)
Collectors would be really happy if their collection of anime figures, keychains, etc. would be complete. Omedetou !!
Some may also be happy if the get to have some things related to anime in the real world!!
2. The Day When They Don't Have To Do Anything Other Than Watching Anime/Reading Manga
The day when you can laze around just watching anime or reading manga would be perfect!! You're free to stay anywhere you can watch anime all day and just chill~
3. The Day Their OTP Becomes Canon
My day would be so perfect!!! 🎉❤️ When your ships sail, your heart might stop beating because of excitement XD
4. The Day They Finally Go To Japan (When you're in another country)
You know what you intend to do there 🎉😏😆
5. When Their Wishes For An Anime/Manga Come True
I still hope for the day when Nezumi will come back to Shion... For some reason... My OTP...
6. When Their Favorite Anime/Manga Gets an Update/Next Season
I've lost count of how many I'm waiting for 😆
So... I think those'd make otakus happy. It'd definitely make me happy. Anyways, I hope everyone's always feeling joy with what they're doing!! 😁

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