💞✨ Lives of Fujoshi and Fudanshi ✨💞

By Kirane~sama2017-06-13 02:14

So... Today, I thought I'd discuss some daily events in the lives of Fujoshi and Fudanshi. Daily events~ (Yep) A question for Fujoshi and Fudanshi out there: How many of these can you relate to? Well, we'll see at the end. Let's start~
1. Read yaoi manga, dj, etc. (Maybe watch Shounen Ai too?)
~Of course this one's the first one. Something like oxygen. Every single day, we try doing this as much as possible. Updates please 😆
How much have you saved? 😏🤤
2. Fangirling/Fanboying
~*sees BL action* And then after that moment when time finally runs again... Fangirling/Fanboying time !!! 🤤
3. Nosebleeds
~First thing in the morning and so on... Don't die!!! More yaoi awaits you~ *nose bleeds* XD
4. Fantasizing
Yes, yes!! Fantasize as much as possible... About BL~ 🤤😍
5. Search For More and More BL
~Pictures? New doujinshi? More yaoi manga? More shounen ai anime? No. All of them!!! 🤤✨
6. Talk About BL
~We can talk about it if we have fujoshi/fudanshi friends who can relate 😏💞
7. Writing/Drawing Something About BL
~Hm... This isn't actually done daily. But it is done!! We do it 😆 Fanfictions, Fan Art, and more. I personally enjoy writing fanfictions or poems about BL 😍
There we go~ 7 activities that are done daily/usually by Fujoshi and Fudanshi 💖💞

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