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Death of an awsome charecter.
Sad times where when my fav charecter died.

There were many times when i cried because my fav charecter died😭, Then i think about them for months that why did they die it could be a good ending. Many Animes come & settle in out hearts & mostly they r the sad ones.!

The first one was:-

1-Guilty Crown

It was a good anime & it had awsome songs i downloaded them all❣. Well its another topic here we are talking about deaths so there were two deaths in guilty crown both made me cry first one was

1- Hare Menjou

She died while saving Shu ,she was a good charecter & supporter for shu. While she was healing shu her void was destroyed.😭

Therefore she died.Then when shu recovered he was totally shocked watching her die with a smile & getting disappear. He got totally mad at that time. (But he was kinda cool at that time)😎

2- Inori Yuzuriha

she was a kind of main charecter. When she died , She was blind that time she was unable to see shu(oh! come on u can't even see the one u love befour u die this is not fair) & i thought all villians are dead she should be saved but Shu decided to die with her.

It would have been good ending if he would have died with her cause its better to die with the one u love. But inori pushed him & he was saved.!💔💔💔

"He should have died with her"!!!😭😭😭
Moving on to next 2

2-Death Note

A very popular anime it was really good when i started watching it i thought it was useless but then it became one of my fav animes.Topic is death so The sadest part for me was Death of L.

When L first came i hated him but then he became my fav charecter i don't know why maybe he was kinda cool & always eating like me....

I liked light but after he killed L i hated him because L thought of him as a friend and he killed him at the wrong time.

This time it was about three weeks i thought about L. When he died i even cried. i was like


The third & the most sad was 3

3-Plastic memories

It was a love story of a human & an android,Android who have limited time period . i don't know why it is not very popular but it was really a Heart Touching anime. i have watched it so many times. Story was awsome. I was crying & i did't know why!.

ISLA(the android) died in the end but that time she was happy because she had fun in her last days that is the most saddest part.

This time i was sad for a month. I can say it was the best love story i have ever seen.....The last episode was heart breaking 💔💔💔💔💔.


There are so many other death but these were the the most heart touching......!

what is ur sadest time ? comment!

thanks for reading.👍

Live Long Otakus.!🙋

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