💓 The Goddess, Fox, Snake, and Crow 💓

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Hm... There are 2 things about Kamisama Hajimemashita in this post 😂
Anyways, why don't we get started?~
Here's a bit of a sypnosis just in case you haven't checked it out yet :
Nanami Momozono was living a pretty decent life until that day when she had lost everything. Her home, her money, and so on
As she searches for a place to stay, she comes across, unbeknownst to her, a god named Mikage and "saves" him from a dog. As they chat, Mikage applies his mark as a god to Nanami by kissing her forehead and leads her to his shrine
As she arrived, she came across a youkai fox named Tomoe and her adventure and duties as a goddess begin from then on. What will happen to her?
💖 ~The Goddess and The Fox~ 💖
Their first meeting didn't really go well
Both of them still hadn't broken their shell
But then as the fox became the goddess' familiar
And time passed, their feelings became good & similar
It didn't take long for the goddess to fall
For her familiar and break down their wall
Soon, the fox realized that his heart was hers
And they had a happy ending. That's what matters
💘 The Goddess and The Snake 💘
The goddess and the snake had first met
When she saw him being hurt and she couldn't let
The sight continue further on
So she saved him and then he was gone
The snake had fallen in love ever since with the goddess
And even if he swore, his love, to her, he'd profess
The goddess, unfortunately didn't feel that way
But she let him love her without complaint, I'd say
💝 The Goddess and The Crow 💝
Back then, the goddess had admired the crow
And she wouldn't want to miss any of his show
Then, by chance, one day, they met
Not knowing the date or time set
Though the crow wanted the goddess' heart
He didn't succeed though he was quite smart
Even though the goddess had known
What he planned to do, she befriended him as shown
Even though her heart only belonged to one
They still loved her as they had before, done
They'd always carry on no matter what happens
No matter the pain, no matter the sadness...
💗 Fanfiction time!! 💗
It was, yet again, another day in the Mikage shrine. Tomoe was doing a usual duty of his, which is cleaning. It was quiet around him until Mizuki and Nanami came from inside. Both of them were laughing to themselves. Tomoe came up to them and couldn't help but ask, "What's the matter? What are the both of you laughing about?"
Mizuki immediately answered Tomoe's question, "It's just that we had a fun talk with Kurama. He's coming over later afternoon just so we could catch up."
"Exactly! Tomoe, cook up extra food today, please? And don't include shiitake mushrooms in it!" Nanami stated as she went back inside and Mizuki followed her. Tomoe sighed and was a bit angered that he had to prepare more food because the crow is coming over
A few hours later...
The three of them along with the two spirits were waiting for Kurama. When he arrived, Nanami welcomed him along with Mizuki while Tomoe simply looked annoyed to see him. "Well, come on! Let's go and eat while we catch up!" Nanami cheerfully said, heading to where they were supposed to eat
They all talked and laughed over lunch. Tomoe somehow got dragged along the way as well. Suddenly, a "serious" conversation happened
"So, Tomoe... How are you and Nanami? Your relationship, I mean." Kurama asked, focusing his attention on the fox youkai
"All you need to know is that you shouldn't touch her." Tomoe replied and held Nanami's chin, bringing their faces closer and causing the goddess to blush
Kurama chuckled and out his arm on top of Nanami's shoulder and held her head. He smirked at the fox youkai, as if he was teasing him. Mizuki suddenly grabbed Nanami's arm and shouted, "That's not fair at all! I love Nanami too..." Mizuki blushed
Just like that, the three fought over Nanami for a while. The goddess saw how they were bickering and it made her giggle as her face was left with a smile
Hm... Okay, that'll be it from me for now~

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