To wear the shoes of the other...

By Mitsuchan2017-06-19 05:28

What is pain?...
Do others feel them like I do? ...
What if... you could feel the others pain? Would that make a difference?
This is the principal plot of this underrated anime
~~~~~~*Kiznaiver *~~~~~~~
Have you ever wished you didn't feel any pain at all? Well, our principal character named Katsuhira Agara lost it, but when you don't feel any pain also your emotions feel numb.
In a futuristic world in which technology is the most important thing the bonds between people are almost gone since you can't understand the other if you don't know what they are going through right?
Well we have one last opportunity... we just need to gather the modern seven sins...
1. Imbecility - can you be so careless that people may thing you are dumb or maybe your Sloth is so big to just try to care...?
2. Goody Two-Shoes - You seem to care about others but inside it's a way of suppressing your...Envy?
3. Muscle-Headed Thug -You want to help others but your temper goes at its limit that you can be blinded with your... Wrath?
4. Eccentric Headcase - Do you want others to recognize you so much that do anything to gain attention because you are too Greedy to share that attention to others...?
5. The Cunning Normal - Have you had weight problems in your childhood but now that you are grown up you decided to change and be 'perfect and charming' just like the people that used to bully you? Even if your Gluttony still tortures you inside...?
6. High-and-Mighty - You never recognize your failures and pretend you are always cool because your Pride is too high to even apologize before it's too late...?
7. Immoral - Or maybe your own pleasure is the most important thing to the point that you are even secluding yourself cuz of your own Lust...?
8. Remember, even if you don't know it, there is always someone whatching....
But how,in this individualistic society, we can make people so different gather and help each other ? How can you understand the others? How can you feel empathy ? How can we have a common objective?
The answer: Pain
If we know how it feels, if we have been through something similar we can understand ... or for some others , they just might help if it affects them too...
Share, Feel, Bond
These are the main characteristics of this anime which not only has a great animation but a beautiful OST.
I have seen a lot of people complaining about it because of the ending but I think that they are not getting the main point of it because wanting it or not we will feel related to at least one character and as the story develops we must pay attention to their actions because they might be too close to what we would have done in that situation... I recommend you to watch this anime with an open mind and focus on the message that it wants to give instead of just criticizing the characters like in any other normal anime.
Personally I enjoyed it a lot and I also found a character that was related to my personality... in the end I learned that for us to grow as persons we need to stop being so egoist and instead of criticizing ... start to understand others.
I would love to know your thoughts so feel free to comment! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)👍🏻
-Mitsu out-

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