Underrated Anime Fights

By DeadlySquid2017-06-21 11:05

There are so many fights scenes in anime that of course a few of them go under the radar even tho they are masterfully animated and planned. Ever heard of fights such as Ichigo vs Ulqiorra,Luffy vs Doflamingo, Naruto vs Pain? Of course you have! Every Shounen fan has! But because of fights like this, alot of amazing fights never make it to the surface of popularity..So thats why we are here to recommend some great anime fights for all of you hungry Shounen fans!!

Disclaimer:This is just my personal opinion

Jin vs Border’s best Squads

Anime : World Trigger

This is one of the most underrated fights in all of anime! All of the best squads and agents go to a capture mission for a boy who has immense power but on the way there they are greeted by their best Agent Jin and his black trigger Fujin! This whole fight is incredibly animated and its really amusing and fun to see Jin manipulate his comrades and his rival from start to finish thanks to one of his amazing ablilites! Whats even more greater is the reason and the after-math of the fight, truly a masterpiece of a fight

Izayoi vs Laius

Anime: Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They?

This fight is an introduction of how op Izayoi really is! Izayoi and his friends go up to the arrogant Laius to fight him but they are greeted with an atrocious monster with unimaginable strength and a power to petrify the world! But then our protagonist with a smirk on his face shows us his true power! This fight is an amazing pleasure trip for all those Shounen fans who love at the first glance to see an amazingly powerful enemy showing off his power and then get beaten to the pulp with ease with our overpowered protagonist!

Ainz Ooal Gown vs Clementine

Anime: Overlord

This fight shows us how even the most cold minded people can have a thirst for revenge! In this one-sided fight the overconfident Clementine who killed someone dear to Ainz attacks without mercy only at the end to be slowly crushed by Ainz’s hands in the most slow and painfull way! This fight is short and sweet as the annoying Clementine meets her demise and Ainz gets his revenge in a quite interesting way!

These are the fight that i found most underrated but of course that is only my opinion and i would love to hear yours! What are yours most underrated fights in all of anime??

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