💞⭐️❄️Warm Feelings On Cold Ice ❄️⭐️💞

By Kirane~sama2017-06-22 22:56

A short Victuri fanfic~ 😍
Just a short note, I wanted this one to take place before the Grand Prix Final on the anime but this one's after they got their rings~ 💍💓
{I'm sorry if you don't like it, but I wanted to go with the cute this time so I went with fluffy 😉 and I'm not really experienced at writing XD}
Victor was observing Yuri's skating for any flaws and good points, as usual, as his coach. A few minutes later, "How is it?" Yuri questioned a Victor who was staring at him while he skated
"Hm. Yuri... Wait for me. I'll get in the ice with you and teach you the proper positions, timings, and other things you lack." Victor said, already putting on the skates
Yuri only followed Victor's steps to the ice and eventually, he was beside him, staring straight into his eyes with a serious face, then suddenly...
"Yuuuriiiiii~" Victor said, suddenly putting his arms around Yuri's shoulder and wearing a smile while he did so...
"Gah!" Yuri was surprised at Victor's sudden hug and flinched a bit as he looked Victor. "What's the matter?" Yuri asked
Victor wore quite a face (Hm... It looks something like this: 😏 lol) and grabbed Yuri's chin with two of his fingers from his left hand so that he can make Yuri face him. After gazing into his eyes for a few seconds, he made Yuri face the ring he wore on his right hand
"You have to win, kay? I love your form when you skate. And, of course, I love you most..." Victor stated, letting go of Yuri's chin and hugging him straight. Yuri then returned it
He wondered for a while about the thing Victor said. When he'd teach him proper positions and timing. Though he decided not to get distracted
Yuri gave Victor a kiss on the cheek and let go of the hug. Then, he showed him the ring he wore. The one they exchanged with each other, of course and went closer to Victor's face, especially his lips. "I'll get gold. For everyone's expectations. And for this." Yuri said, pointing to the ring and wearing a seductive smile that he'd wear only for Victor
"You're mine. I won't give you to anyone. Including the whole world..." he said with a smile as he held Victor's cheek. Victor then smiled with relief and joy with Yuri's words
"You're quite selfish..." Victor said with an unsatisfied voice
He couldn't say no more as Yuri pulled him in for a passionate kiss and it lasted long. Victor felt his answer through that passionate deed for some reason... Words like "I love you.", "Of course I'm selfish. It's you.", "You'll be mine."
Though they were on the cold ice, warm feelings filled their hearts and souls
Thanks for reading taking the time to read it. You can always imagine things happening next... I guess... 😆

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