Attack on titan poem

By Dirackel2017-06-30 18:46

-Maria, Rose and sina

Thanks for protecting humanity from titans
Thanks for keeping these people away from the outside violence
Thanks for saving generations and generations
Thanks For making peace all this years as your people lived in ease

-But Maria, Rose and Sina

The time has Come
Where the humanity must evolve
Every one is Free
it Just need some resolve
The size doesn't matter at all
it's about that Love
The Love and determination that these humans for their dream must hold
Eat or be eaten this is how it goes
Life is Life , death is death
how to live and how to die for the sake of humanity is what they fight for, for so long

-Maria, Rose and Sina

This time they will protect you
Soldiers! won't obey you

People with burning hearts
People who are ready to sacrifice their own lifes
Their eyes sparkle day and night
They get scared as they fight
Giants eating only humans, out of their minds
But as they remember the Deaths, Lifes and dreams of their comrades
they advance no matter what

-Maria,Rose and Sina

The day will Come
when you will finally fall at the hands of the ones you were protecting once
That day humanity will be free
Free from blood and despair
Free from this cage Locking people burning with rage

They thought that living inside this walls will keep them safe
But they never asked themselves
how long will they stay in this place
living with this peaceful pace

-Maria,Rose and Sina

The world is cruel for the ones who can't give up anything
That's why they can't change anything
As long as You fight you will win
You give up? In A sea of blood you will swim
"I will kill them all...every last one" he said

A Soldier who wasn't human nor titan
His greatest weapon was only his willpower

With him this crisis will be soon over

-Maria, Rose and Sina

Humans vs titans
Only the ones with heart will win
So stay still and wait a Little longer
To see your people take you down
one by one
Over and over.

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