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By Kirane~sama2017-08-15 22:43

Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, along with anime and some other things...
It's time to talk about food from anime that I always want to eat!! Food we see in anime look so good and delicious~ Especially if the reactions the characters get from eating them is joyous. I'm jealous~ 😂😆
--Well, Itadakimasu!!~--
1. Onigiri {Rice Balls} 🍙
Don't they look good? ^^ It's actually made of rice and you can put literally anything you'd like inside of it, if it'll fit your palate or if you'd like something in a more creative way!! It's one of the most well-known food in anime since it's almost always shown, and it's a shame that I've never had one 😭
2. Ramen
I've had a variety of ramen flavors and tastes and they were all sooo good!!~ Oishi 😍 My favorites are the spicy ones, for some reason... They just taste so good~ Noodles, soup, some meat and some vegetables do fit together!! My ideal ramen has these:
-A spicy taste 🌶
-Hot. Really hot 🔥 {Lol what is it with me and hot and spicy? XD}
-Beef (<-- vital)
-The white thing with pink lines. What's it called? I don't know 😭😭😭
-The green circle things that taste like veggies
-Seaweed! Because why not? I like the taste~
3. Yakiniku !!~
It's literally Japanese for "Barbecue meat" and it's hontou Oishi~~~ 😍😍😍 It's one of my most favorite food out there, and I first had the desire to eat it when I saw it in an anime!! I mean, come on, it looks good, and I promise it tastes good!! Grilled yakiniku is 😍😍😍
4. Decorated Bento
Filled with onigiri, possibly omelette, some fruits, etc!! It may even create different images that are so amazing!! And don't forget the taste~ Who wouldn't want a lunch like that? Endless design possibilities and tastes await you, 😍🍱
5. Tempura 🍤
I've had LOTS of tempura and I want more!! It's actually shrimp that's made even better. I don't know how, but it definitely is better in my tongue. Definitely!! I like it hot, of course 🔥. Why is this type of shrimp so delicious?? 😍
6. Sushi !!~
Different tastes of different fishes await~ Actually, seafood... It's so good!!! 😍 It really is! Whether it's the circle-like one or the one that looks like the fish and the rice are wrapped together, they're both oishi!~ I love them ❤️❤️
7. Mochi ~
wHo WoUlD wAnT tO eAt ThOsE cUtE fAcEs?
I certainly would. Jk. Well, I've tried some and they didn't have those cute faces!! Mochi are kind of like ice cream sandwiches, and I've tried ones with cold filling. Yes, there are some that has a filling that isn't cold. I've tried that too, and I promise that it's super delicious 🤤😍
8. Katsudon
hElP mE. I NEED to try katsudon
I mean, Victor likes it, Yuri likes it. It looks super delicious too!!~ I wanna try some 🤤😍 Just the look is satisfying, what more if I know the taste? There seems to be meat on top of hot rice and I can picture it 😍❤️🤤
9. Super Spicy Mapo Tofu !!~
"--that no one dares order..." ~Angel Beats
Honestly, I HAVE had one, and it was really spicy XD 🌶🔥 But spiciness isn't all there is to it... There's also the taste of the mapo tofu itself. I mean, it's not like all of the mapo tofu are spicy. Some are normal, and they're really good too (yes, I've tried them) and they're shown in Angel Beats. The characters' reactions were super funny 😂😂
10. Curry
I. Have. Never. Tried. Curry. I'm probably missing out on food life. I swear I never had!! 😭😭 But I heard from a friend that it's super delicious, especially the one full of meat {<-- Duh. Oniku kamisama 😂😍}. But meat's not all there is to it. It's one of those dishes that has everything! Vegetables, meat, eggs, and more!! I have to try one...
Well, that's gonna be all from me for now. Which food from Japan/anime makes you want to try it more from look to taste??

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