Demi-chan wa kataritai

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*anime review*

for first i'll tell the Synopsis:
Hated and ostracized in the past, Ajin, a half-human being, is no longer a target in the modern era. Now they are considered as ordinary people who have a different identity.

Takahashi Tetsuo is a Biology teacher who has a scientific interest in the Ajin.Lucky, there are 4 people half-human creatures who suddenly are within reach of his observations. There's a vampire, Takanashi Hikari. There is dullahan, Machi Kyouko. There's yuki-onna, Kusakabe Yuki. There is also a fellow teacher, succubus Satou Sakie.

Through interaction with the four of them, Takahashi-sensei gets a lot of valuable data for the thesis he is working on.Not only that, he is also slowly able to understand and provide solutions to the problems faced all four in depth and thorough.

And also through Hikari, the Biology teacher knows that "Ajin"word is out of date, and is now replaced by the word "Demi".

this anime satisfying enough.. There is a saying that "Do not judge a book by its cover" is very valid for this one.The casing may not be convincing, but the content ... is amazing.


The main characters are almost none-dimensional. Hikari I can think of him (cheerful, cheerful, and ... cheerful), but the rest is not at all, not just a character that can be defined with 1 kind of trait.

kyouko machi , whose soft-calming plasticity has a deep desire to know more about himself as dullahan, is also not offended by jokes that concerns his uniqueness (even he actually wants to joke on the topic).

yuki who looks melancholy gloomy gloomy at the beginning, in the end no longer often think negative about themselves, also apparently have an interest in old jokes .

satou-sensei is unique, an antithetical form of classical succubus in legend and endeavoring very hard to counteract its nature as a succubus.

And of course for Takahashi-sensei! I am amazed at this character who always acts in his capacity as an academic figure, and can always bring all four Demi to an effective problem-solving without having to be a pretentious hero. If him really dont know because it is outside his ability, he did not hesitate to ask for the help of others who are more expert.The last thing that got me to applause was the confession of the teacher if he was initially interested in the Demi because of his pure personal curiosity, but slowly turned into sincerity to help the four Demi around him. Such a balance between brain and heart is formed through interactions that seem calm but meaningful. That's cool!

And ...Hey Takahashi-sensei, now you're one of the best male anime character in my opinion.


The whole theme of exploration is really unique and satisfying. As I've said in first impression, the exploration is not an external environment, but the Demi per individual.Combined with the intellectual curiosity of the main character, everything about the nature of the Demi is told beautifully and flowing naturally.Nothing felt forced.

Not only that, the things that make the audience curious (read: me) was told completely! My entire mental and cognitive function was successfully made to shriek excitedly whenever there was a Demi nature that was examined down to the details. The steps of completion is also nice to watch, let alone for me which is basically science enthusiast.The order is neat. It does not always happen in every episode, but usually there is a hypothesis from Takahashi-sensei, then there is a brainstorming session with the client Demi, occasionally discussing research results from past fairytale libraries, also sometimes testing through casual experiments that are not complicated, Finally yielding a patent conclusion.Everything is light and easy to understand.

Still available! Exploration here not only reveals the nature of the Demi as a unique creature, but also the effect on their normal human nature. Remember, here they are not the unseen monster of the world of nowhere.How does Kyouko's "physical form" affect him in his daily activities, how Yuki overthinking (which has not been proven) keeps him away from the crowd, as well as how bother Satou-sensei will have his abilities plus his relationship to his idealism of a romantic relationship.Specifically Hikari, most of the humanity and the Demi's expression is through his family, struggling around the influence of the vampire nature in general to certain tastes and senses possessed.

And the last to exploration theme factor is ...
Does not lead to sexualization!
This anime successfully shows if everything smells half human is not always nasty.Indeed here still there are some fanservice scenes, but usually concerns Satou-sensei who is basically a creature with nature

So, this anime is not just entertainment for me, but have something good that can be a learning.
Do not forget also for his message for me personally, which is thick about anti-discrimination.
Recommended for casual anime explorers, and also for lovers of the slice of life genre.

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