💟Which is the best way to express love ?💟

By SriyaScarlet2017-08-22 13:22

Hi guys !! I'm back!!
I'm really happy right now !!
Happier I am that you all remember me !!
And Happiest cause I'm reunited with my family,AS !!
So inorder to show my gratitude to ones who remember me ... And to express my love for everyone of you !!

Here's the post listing some of the best ways one can express love !!
1) Kiss
The first that came to your mind gotta be a kiss !!
So how many of you thought the same ? If you did then we are alikes 😉

Different kisses have different meaning and out of them the sudden stolen kisses really are cute and in my opinion one of the sweetest way to convey love!!
And a deep passionate is no way be unable to convey love right?

Kiss marks ? I wanna have one !!

I love kiss marks !! It's for the possessive lovers !!
2) Gifting the stuff they like

Giving gifts every now and then is not a bad idea right ?
Every small gift we give will be marked as how much we treasure that person.
Even if it is small ...if it is filled with love ... ITS THE BEST TREASURE 💛

if I were to receive a gift I would seriously treasure it for a lifetime !!
3)hugs & holding hands

Please give me some hugs
Cause your hugs are my best drugs 💕

Hugs show care and are cute conveyor of love too !!
And holding hands just adds more love to them 💕💕

Holding hands and walking together ...
The feeling of warmth from hand to hand...
And the jolly fun time together ...
Best way of expressing love 💖💖

4)Doing something just for you 💓 Showing you the hidden side ...to let you know about the amount of trust one has on you !!

-Having a secret cute side which he/she allows only you to see and is free to show it to you !!
5)Making sweet memories ...just the two of us 💞

That's it !! No one can deny that it is really a great way to express love !! I'm sure being able to send some time with the ones who love you ...

makes them feel really great and immensely happy !!

"Let's watch stars together ...just the two of us 💞"
6)Express your feels through words and actions
-Telling how you really feel

-cute moments such as these

-being possessive


-express your feelings

-gotta give some surprise attack !

7) Special surprises (make something for them)
"Tried to make it a surprise but guess I'm busted ..hehe"

"Want we as your gift?"

"Here is something for you that I made !! hope you like it !!"

Don't surprises make your heart beat faster ?Well they make my heart explode 💓

8) trust them 200%

Trusting each other is the best isn't it ? Having a person you can trust completely is rare to find so make sure to treasure them !!
9) Spend lots and lots of time with them and make them happy !! ( chat 24/7 ok?)

10)Cross your limits for them 💕

So that's all guys !!
Do you know any other way to express love ?
Comment down !!

How I got these ideas? Past few days when I couldn't open AS ... I was playing few dating sim games and I got addicted to them !! The way they express they love is breath taking !! And that's it ...I wanted to make a post regarding it !!

The current one that I'm playing is Blood in Roses !! If anyone know the game ...let's chat ok?

Finally ,
To theDarkLord,
I forgot to mention it there so I'm mentioning it here ...
Thanks for working so hard inorder to make me be able to reuse the app again !! Thank you 💞

So thanks for reading !!
Hope you enjoyed the post and be sure to comment your opinion regarding the best way to express your love !! 💞

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