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Summer. Such a good season to stay inside the house, watch all anime you can think of, just chillin' out.

But it's different in ANIME!
Especially in...


So, my Gintama Dream Summer is composed of 3 main plans:


•I will eat Katsura's watermelon! (He looks so hot there, cooling the watermelon in the water. Look at my husband's muscles! Omg)

•I will play with the Shogun, himself! (The Shogun is like the president of Edo, so hanging out with him is a really good thing. Financially.)

•I will beat the Shogun to death! (But not really kill him. He has to treat us to other places with his money~)

•I will try this slide of theirs! (It's not as dangerous as it looks! That's what Kagura said to me.)

And no worries, if I get drowned, Gintoki will save me! (He is very dependable.)

>>They have the most brilliant ideas, right?<<

○Dancing in the festival, while viewing some fireworks afterwards!○

(I am not a fan of loud fireworks, but being with the characters I love, I'm sure the display will look more beautiful.

>>Lemme show you one of my best moves<<

○Eating Gintoki's parfait after all of that work!○

•Summer is hot, and together with these hot ikemen, we definitely need some refreshment~

That's the end of it! I hope you understand even just 70% of my work.

I made it funny, because of two reasons: GinTama is funny. I am funny. Then...



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