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aka Character Analysis of Bakugou Katsuki
-> How to rate his anger?

Anger Management: 0/5
Looks and Physique : *can’t find the infinity symbol*
Calmness: -10/5
Smart: 5/5
Giving people Nicknames: 100/5
Fighting Ability: 6/5
Swearing : *can’t find the infinity symbol (again)*
-> Profiling like a pro

Name : Bakugou Katsuki
Nickname : Kacchan / Explosion Boy
Birthday : April 20 (HE IS A TAURUS JUST LIKE ME! :D )
Hair Colour : Ash Blonde
Quirk : Explosion
School : U.A High
Quote : "Stop talking. I will win. That's... what heroes do."

Bakugou Katsuki, or I shall be referring to him by Kachhan, is the childhood friend of Midoriya Izuku aka Deku from the Boku no Hero Academia franchise.
Possessing great anger and even bigger pride Kachhan is actually quite a refreshing character. Well, you can’t actually blame Kachhan because as far as heredity goes it’s like mother like son situation here.

But, yes, Kachhan was skilled ever since his quirk manifested and thus was very prideful of himself.
So when his dear friend Midoriya was confirmed quirk less he started bullying Midoriya and called him ‘Deku’. But as the series progressed Kachhan grows wary of Midoriya as the latter suddenly gets the quirk.

But yes events unfold and basically no spoilers ahead they accept each other’s strength and slowly starts to build their friendship back. But yes Deku-Kachhan moments are the best. (I can’t wait to see the anime version of this....*sigh*)

While Kachhan has his explosion, Kirishima has his rock hard defense. This is my best bromanship of the series.
At first Kachhan had referred to him as ‘kuso kami’ (Shitty hair)/ ‘Hedgehog hair’. But he later acknowledges Kirishima and according to Midoriya, Kirishima is the only one who Kachhan considers his equal.
Kachhan even supports and cheers on Kirishima when the latter doubts his own abilities.

Todoroki and Kachhan are basically rivals. But after the Sports festival they get cooler with each other to the point of having a normal (if that’s ever possible with Kachhan that is) conversation.

Then there’s Uraraka. He comes to acknowledge her during their fight, defends her when their classmates call her fragile. But he usually keeps away from her as she is Midoriya’s friend.

-> Characteristics

Kachhan gets lot of hate due to his rash and crude behaviour. *SIGHING DEEPLY*
Kachhan is overconfident and violent. He has a very extreme case of anger management issues. But this was the result of his powerful quirk. He was always the best and never defeated. But once he gets into U.A, he changes. He sees people much stronger than him and cools down a bit.

But still he uses his quirks for everything and even smiles when battling opponents truly enjoying it. Kachhan is very smart and creative as he uses his quirk to improve his fighting style.
He is antisocial and also a perfectionist. Ambitious and arrogant. He doesn’t get along well with his classmates but later on everyone accepts him as he is and even jokes around with him.

Five of them even went on to rescue him when the League of Villians captured him. *Overcomes with BNHA feels*
He is also immensely prideful. Thus he refuses help from others when in battle. But he repays his favours as he gave the money of those goggle to Kirishima.

He is also quite caring in his own way as he defended Uraraka and helped Kirishima.
But he has an unwavering will that makes his even more unique.

-> Love at First sight?


My first impression was indeed the best. His short fuse and funny outbreaks makes him a likable character. Also his resolve to be a hero, His determination, and God! When he cries it’s like you know that his pride was hurt. Yet he picks himself up.

Then in the Sports festival, how he acknowledges his opponents and how he defeats them. All he wanted was a fair fight with Todoroki, without anything holding them back. And that prize distribution ceremony, it was hilarious.

Then teaming up with Midoriya and fighting Allmight, getting kidnapped and not getting a hero licence in the end. Finding a foul mouthed kid and laughing at the kid, going to repeat classes with Todoroki....

I just adore Kachhan.

-> I like you because...

...What kinda question is that??

I like Kachhan mainly because of how natural and refreshing the character is. But this also goes for all characters from BNHA. It’s such an amazing and unique show.
Also however bad mannered he is this one page....his admiration that deep respect. That drive inside him. That’s what I love.

But yeah I like everything about Bakugou. There’s nothing to hate really. He’s just so real and....fantabulous Wrapping up

So yeah this is my Character Analysis. Well my third one because Erza and Kuroo Tetsurou were taken... *sniff*
But I wanted to do one for Usui Takumi and then I thought of a certain someone here who loves Maid sama....

But I had completely forgotten about HOW COULD I???? And thus *sighing happily*
I could write about my Kachhan darling~~
Sorry if this was too short... *bows an apology*
And I still can't properly upload my posts......( Hence the lack of gif's...It's making me real sad..)
I will work on getting my connection proper again!!!

Thank you for reading
Peace Out

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