God's Blessing On This Beautiful Girls!

By Hai Kazuma Desu2017-09-07 23:33

Who's Better Than The Rest? Pick The Best Of The Best!

Kazuma desu! This is your boy Kazuma, and today I'm curious about something- that is who is best gril in Konosuba? There are a lot of girls with very interesting personality, so maybe, just maybe, you'll pick the best one for you. The list is first to last met. Vote Down Below!

1. Aqua — Goddess Of Water

At first, one would think highly of this goddess(lol), until you watch further. Aqua is a goddess(lol) who originally guides dead Japanese youth, when suddenly my boy Kazuma takes her as the 'divine relic' for his reincarnation.

She is very beautiful, befitting of a goddess. Everything about her outer appearance is perfect, especially her bust size. Though the only thing that ruins it is her retarded self. True, she's a goddess, but... Honestly, she's like your friend who keeps on ruining everything and give you troubles. She isn't that good in reading the mood and sometimes worsens it. But regardless of her low intelligence, she sometimes acts like a goddess, especially in guiding the dead and loving her beloved cultists.

2. Megumin — No. 1 Genius Of The Crimson Magic Clan

The most famous character among the Konosuba, Kazuma being second. Megumin is a crazy Crimson Magic Clan girl who devoted herself in learning only one, say it with me— Explosion! Thanks to her high intelligence, her job is an Archwizard which specializes in magic obviously.

She has a petite body which makes her a loli. But don't underestimate this fellow, because she'll prove to you that she's not. Brunette hair and crimson red eyes, this girl is your ideal kouhai. High intelligence, but sometimes troublesome to deal with. Some would say she's best gril.

3. Darkness — Aristocrat Lady, Masochist, Virgin & Divorcee

Dustiness Ford Lalatina, better known as Darkness, is a noble lady who loves to play rough, but still a virgin. At first she looks normal, but whenever her fetish starts to tingle, then she's ready to mingle you up (with problems). She is a crusader that boasts of her defence, magic defence, stamina and vitality.

Although it's true that she looks like your ideal senpai, her overall attitude ruins everything. She's aware that people know of her strange fetish, but still refuses that she has. She's also the same as aqua in terms of IQ, because she has a muscle head. But still, don't forget that she's a masochist and has bigger bust than Aqua. Wink wink.

4. Wiz — The Frost Lich

The impoverished workshop owner who has the talent of loosing more money the harder she works. Wiz is a former Archwizard and now a Lich "working as a boss in the demon army". She says that she's 20 yrs old, but who knows what age she's now. But despite still, she looks young as ever.

Wiz has the dandere type of attitude, but her talent in loosing money is a bit... eh. Her breasts are the same or even larger than Darkness's. Her long brown hair covers her left eye, which is really cute tbh. She's also caring to others and very friendly too.

5. Eris — Goddess Of Luck

Aqua's "dear junior". Eris is someone responsible and does a lot of things for other people, despite knowing she'll get nothing in return. In the light novel, it was shown there how lonely it was being her.

If you are not aware yet, "Eris Pads Her Chest" is a chant created by Aqua when her cultist was repenting. Apparently it is padded, because *spoiler* is also her. She's kind, unlike Aqua who doesn't give a single damn about your feelings, and thoughtful. A hardworker who, like I said, does things without any compensation. Her signature smile will definitely heal your wounded soul.

6. Yunyun — Daughter Of The Crimson Magic Clan Chief

A comrade of Megumin, or rather her self-proclaimed rival (Yunyun's POV). She is the only one with common sense in their clan, based on Kazuma, which is why she was lonely in her school days. With only Megumin to talk to, she always challenges her to make Megumin stay with her.

Despite being the same age, Yunyun's development is more obvious than... Megumin's. If you prefer how she looks, then better pick her. Don't worry, she's a loner. And btw, in the light novel *spoiler* Yunyun said to Kazuma: Please have a child with me.

7. Iris — Belzerg Stylish Sword/Princess Of The Six Flowers

She's the proclaimed sister of Kazuma. After meeting Kszuma, someone who lacks common sense in another world, she calls her Onii-sama now. Iris spends her time alone with her bodyguards since she's a princess. But her refreshing aura makes her the most normal character in the Konosuba franchise. A little sister type for you. I still haven't read vol 10, so this is the knowledge I had so far.

> Chris — The Chivalrous Thief

> Onee-san/Luna — Beautiful Guild Staff

> Cecily (Left) — Head Priest Of Axis Cult (Axel Branch)

> Komekko — No.1 Little Sister Of The Crimson Magic Clan

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