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By sintia2017-09-12 07:19

🌺 my anime crush is Akashi Seijuro. 😍😍😍
16 years old , ( 20 dec )
from anime " Kuroko no Basuke "

🌺 I love him because I like his eyes, the way he talks, moves, his grin, and everything.
Magic! That's the answer beyond his miraculous ability in the world of basketball, he can always make my heart tokidoki suru yooo~~ uwoooo u.u this is serious ...

🌺 something he has got me interested in him.
Akashi has a strange and frightening personality. He has a certain respect for all his teammates, at the time at Teiko and Rakuzan and has a firm belief in their abilities. He has a strong winning mentality, and assumes that the winner gets anything in life and the loser is the one who denies all.Akashi also considers that power and skill are absolute and violence will occur when people oppose what he says, shown when he tries to stab Kagami with the scissors he borrowed from Midorima when Kagami disobeyed him.
Akashi seems to often take extreme things, as he says that if Rakuzan loses his match against Shūtoku because of his mistake, he will get out of the team and gouge out his eyes.
I really like people like him, but I'm not a masochist ..
haha!! 😂😂😂

🌺 He has red spiky hair, large eyes with a vertical pupil and an oval face. Her hair was worn long bangs during her junior high school and during the event before the Winter Cup. However, he cut it early in the Winter Cup match with Midorima scissors.the colored pages show that Akashi has heterochromatic eyes, with his right eye turned red and left to yellow / orange. This is shown in the last chapter, during a flashback to the junior high school, Akashi's eyes are both red. It changed in junior high when the initial conflict between "Generation of Miracles" occurred.it can be noted that after his eyes have changed, his personality also becomes much cooler.

🌺 the first time I realized if I loved him was March 23, 2015 at the time of my 16th birthday.
my friend asked me who the person you want to date on your birthday is ..
At that time, I immediately thought of Kuroko no basuke anime.
I realized then that I loved him so much.
all my friends also know I love him, because all my books themed KNB anime and I often talk about how I like akashi to my friends.

🌺 and this is my love letter for him.

Dear Akashi Seijuro,

If you ask me how I am, then I will describe how I, I am an ordinary girl, independent, interesting and brave enough. but if someone harasses my life, I'm easy to get angry. but I am also compassionate.

Ever since I saw you for the first time, I felt a different vibration. I still do not realize it.however, after a couple of times I saw you, I realized, I've been holding love to you all the time. It feels like something is missing if one day I do not see you.

You must know, how glad I am, when I'm watching you play basketball, suddenly our eyes meet.Not only that, I also like your eyes, the way you talk, the way you move, your grin .. I really like everything that's in you.
Everytime I think of you.

It can not bear to keep this feeling constantly. Bury feeling is more pain than anything. I can not resist all this.therefore, in this letter I want to say, I LOVE YOU. This is honesty, not seduction.
would you go on a date with me.
I'll make sure you'll never regret go on a date with me.
because I will not betray you. I will love you forever. and I will always support you.
I Love You , Akashi Seijuro ...


🌺 Just thinking about you , my heart tokidoki suru yoooo~~~ kyaaaa 😍😍😍

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