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Hello my fellow Comrades in this wonderful Community👋 i hope you are having a good day without troubles👍, oh talking about troubles!...School Just started and we are having busy times again 😑, i don't know when are we going to be free to watch animes and read mangas forever, without interruptions😕 😩 but i guess this is life😌 and school is school some of you find it boring and the others..
The exact opposite😘.

whenever i think about anime, the first thing that i see is school uniforms! and Yes there are lot of beautiful nicely designed school uniforms✨ in Animes, and you Just wish you wore the same at school, so here are some examples👇
you can pick whatever you want to wear, we have all the Sizes so don't worry!
Then let's start!

✨Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai's School uniform

One of my many favorite Animes, for the ones who watched it...didn't you want to try Rikka's or yuuta's school uniform? due to it being really kawaii and cool?
For boys
A standard beautiful school uniform of a white dress shirt, tan coloured sweater, a modest striped red school tie, and the cool standard school blazer.

For girls
A cute Red striped skirt, a white dress, the colored closed school blazer and the final touch! a puffy red bow tie. This is the perfect School uniform in term of mobility For any Student who still have the 8th grade Syndrome Like Takanashi Rikka

✨Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

The Anime is all About Swordshipman and magical knights so you should expect something Beautiful and professional when it comes to uniforms, an uniform that knights must be proud of, in my opinion i find the boys uniform more beautiful than the girl's it consist of a long sleeved black shirt, thin white tie, matching black pants and the blazer, the blazer is very well designed it has an elegant posture, the black well coordinated strips adds a beautiful yet powerful vibes to it, i liked the girls uniforms too specially the long white ribbon in the back that was a cute touch.

✨High school dxd
High school dxd is an Anime known for the pride that most of the characters especially The gremory family members hold, so what to expect more than fancy elegent School uniforms with some devilish style.
The kuoh Academy Uniforms
Kuoh Academy boys' uniforms consists of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes, the students can changes what shoes to wear also the shirts but the standard black blazer is necessary.

Kuoh Academy girls' uniform is really unique and i really love the design it's elegent and easy to wear it consists of a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, and a pretty magenta skirt with white accents.

Both of the uniform's dress shirts also have short-sleeved versions for spring/summer; for the boys, without the blazer, while the girls, without the shoulder cape.
To be honest if i was the director of some academy i would without hesitation make this uniforms official to wear in my school.

✨Vampire Knight

Cross Academy in Vampire Knight has a day class and a night class, and the student's uniforms correspond to which class they are in. Day students wear a black uniform, and night students wear a white uniform. The linear, opposite-colored designs on the uniforms make them quite striking. This uniform is also a variation on the collared shirt plus blazer combination, For Vampires there's no Uniform more suitable than this.

✨Masamune kun no revenge

This Anime's uniform is really special and well designed, yasaka high school's girls uniform is Just the best i've seen so far
The uniform consisting of a white specially for Aki and black for random students long sleeve coat buttoned at the lower part, a pink shirt with white linings underneath, and a blue bow with yellow stripes, a checkered peach skirt, black pantyhose/socks, and brown shoes.
The boys uniform is also really beautiful
Is consist of a black blazer a long sleeve white buttoned shirt, a yellow tie with blue stripes, black pants and Brown shoes.
In my opinion the design of this uniforms specially the girls seems too complicated to be real but it was really worth it✨👌.

✨Assassination Classroom

Because the Anime was about class 3-E a class that consist of either students who failed to keep their grades up or were punished for breaking school regulations we can say that class 3-E wasn't seen as a part of Kunugigaoka junior high school and that's why not all students of the class wear the official school uniform some of them created their own uniform and that was amazing! Assassination classroom is an anime Where you can see variety of school uniforms, it's a good example of the freedom of school uniforms, the only difference in uniform between boys and girls is the gray skirt and this is something we don't see much in animes Where both boys and girls uniforms are similar in color and design.

✨Mahouka koukou no Rettousei

This anime is really special in uniforms because in most of Animes the boys uniforms aren't that much beautiful like the girls uniforms
So far it's mostly been a talk of girl's uniforms since artists don't tend to get as creative with boys' uniforms, but Mahouka no Rettousei is a huge exception. The emerald color scheme with geometric motifs is super eye-catching on both gender's uniforms, and the uniforms themselves serve to distinguish student's abilities. Girls have long dresses with translucent parts that change color depending on the wearer's abilities, and guys have long coats. Both genders may have a special flower emblem if they are a Course 1 student, indicating that they are the top students.

✨Classroom of the elite

The Anime is about the Advanced Nurturing High School, a school established by the Japanese government to nurture the young people who will support the country in the future. It boasts a 100% employment and college entry rate, and with thorough, state-directed teaching methods, it spares no effort in pursuing the nation's desired future. The uniform for boys consist of a red Blazer with golden stripes, a long sleeved white Buttoned shirt, a beautiful blue tie, green pants and Brown shoes.
For the girls also a red blazer with golden stripes, a white buttoned shirt, a cute blue bow tie, a white skirt and Brown shoes.


For an anime about superpowers and Special abilities the uniforms are pretty simple but unique in some ways specially the girl's uniform, if you think about a simple sailor uniform you can imagine all kind of innocent colors but not Red, Charlotte took another way to redesign the sailor uniform in order to corresponds with the Anime's Crazy strange theme.

So a Red sailor uniform with a yellow bow tie for girls and for the boys the standard school black uniform.

✨My teen romantic comedy

This Romantic Comedy high school life anime is one of the best when it comes to uniforms the boys uniform is pretty simple
A black with white stripes blazer, a long sleeved white shirt with no ties, matching black pants and black shoes
For the girls the school uniform consists of a black blazer with a white shirt underneath it, a thin cute red ribbon tie, a plaid skirt and black stockings up to the knees. It's really a cute and easy going uniform.

That's all For now thanks for reading❤
You may chose whatever you want from those uniforms😊!
What?😮 You didn't like any?
Then comment down👇 your best uniform from any Anime you know.

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