Who is the Strongest? 😲

By katsuraaa-chan2017-09-13 05:33

"...Where am I?" a bald man with a weird hero-dress up on, found himself lying down the street. The place was deserted. He looked around and found another unconcious man.

"Holy, isn't this Goku?!" he slapped the bulky black-haired man to wake him up. Goku slowly opened his eyes, and was surprised to see the bald man too.

"Saitama? What are you doing here?" He suddenly stood up and shook hands with Saitama. He accepted the hand shake.

"I don't know... I just woke up here like you..." Goku realised that he was unfamiliar with the place, too.

Suddenly, footsteps came closer and louder. They looked and saw two familiar men, again.

"I knew that head belongs to Saitama," a man with orange hair and black kimono steps up, together with a yellow spiky-haired guy. He looks like a neko. (He is a cat in the author's eyes)

"Naruto? And Ichigo too?" Goku's eyes went wide in the sight of the youngsters. (Goku is an ossan)

"Maaaaan, this is so tiring... WHAT?!" A small guy in with a straw hat dropped his hand from his nose after seeing the group.

Naruto ran to him. "Luffyyyyyyyyy!" Luffy ran to him, too.

"Now there's five of us, eh," Luffy, Naruto and Saitama tried to act like they were thinking. Goku and Ichigo just laughed.

"What do we do now?" They looked at each other. But suddenly, like the light in their darkness, a big man with the big smile suddenly appeared in the story.

"Daijobou! Watashi wa kita!" He jumped from the top of the building and landed in front of them. Of course, they also know this man.

"All Might! You're here too! We're saved by the hero!" Ichigo suddenly said.

"Wait, wait, I'm the strongest hero here. One punch is enough," Saitama butted in.

"No , it's me All Might, the strongest of all." He said while showing off his muscles.

"You won't be able to kill me though?" Luffy boasted as he picks his nose again.

"Me too, you think you can, with my true form?" Naruto just laughed as he thought of his special (neko) moves.

Ichigo just smirked, "My my, humans beating a shinigami? Don't kid around."

"Look into Google, the strongest man will be me, duh," Goku said as he straightened his hair up.

All of them was still arguing. Then, in an instant, Goku, Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy fell. They were holding their chests.

Their hearts stopped beating.

"W-what happened?" Saitama and All Might looked around. There, at the top of the highest building, stood a natural perm silver-headed samurai, grinning at them.

He was holding a notebook.

A black one, with the name, Death Note.

"I just got this from Doraemon's bag. Isn't this awesome, Sadaharu?" The white dog just barked at Gintoki.

"...Saitama, isn't this the legendary... Gin?"

"Yeah...the one who has the powers of different heroes..." Saitama and All Might just looked at each other.

"I'll get your powers in the next season too. HAHAHAHAHA." Then Gintoki wrote in the Death Note, swift as he could be.

Saitama and All Might died.

And Gintoki was known as the strongest anime character.

The End.

Uhmm.. I might not be able to talk now...





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