😳😍😘give me all of your love😘😍😳

By elizawilliams2017-09-15 02:06

anime: free!
my sweet pinchable cheeks cutie husbando is nagisa hazuki. he's 5'5 has blonde hair, pink eyes and swims. his specialty and technique in swimming is the breaststroke.

I watched the anime his looks and personality got to me because he's so cute. when he swims its the best i fell in love. I could take pictures of him all day and dress him in girl clothes he'll be my personal trap.

don't even get me started about when he was a kid I need shades thats to much cuteness and when he aged it just got better. like how I know one thing when he's a adult he's gonna look unbearably cute.

I dont know how to swim so he can teach me how too private lessons awesome 😉😎. I would even fake drown sometimes just because, maybe even give me cpr time to time 😅.

dear nagisa~

the year was 2016 when I first saw you. I hid behind one of the walls when you walk past as I saw your beautiful blonde hair shining though the light and
took a glance at your beautiful eyes like I saw one
of the most pinkist flower from a garden, while I'm clenching my chest because I had no idea why heart was beating so fast. since that day I always followed you wanting to put sweets in your locker but to scared to. wishing I could be your girlfriend we would have fun. all the time I'm I very good at cooking and can be responsible when I have too be. when I saw you swim it was like second nature to you it was amazing to watch, seeing myself falling even harder for you I finally know why my heart beat so fast for you. so i write this love letter to you asking you this question.
😨will you give me your love?😨
😨and take mine in exchange?😨

sincerely yours~Eli😊

I try to make a story love letter but I don't think I did. oh well this was FUN!! good luck to everyone participating byeeeeeee.

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