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💥 Unique Capabilities Rinnegan belongs to Sasuke Uchiha

Rinnegan's eyes Sasuke slightly different from Rinnegan eyes that had been there. Especially when viewed from the physical form.

Sasuke's Rinnegan has a similar tomoe like the Sharingan.The tomoe works like some sort of chakra indicator for Sasuke.

💥Sasuke's Rinnegan

💥ordinary rinnegan

The number of tomoe will continue to diminish as the number of chakras used by Sasuke decreases.the greater the chakra used, the faster the number of tomoe in the eyes of the rinnegan will decrease.

in addition to his unique physical shape, Sasuke's Rinnegan turned out to also have some unique jutsu besides the main jutsu Rinnegan.

Rinnegan's main jutsu is a six-path jutsu as it has been used by Pain and Madara.

Sasuke is also able to use the jutsu.it's just that until now only a few six-path jutsu he ever used.such as chakra absorbent jutsu and Chibaku Tensei.

In addition to the main jutsu, such as Momoshiki Otsutsuki, Sasuke also has a unique extra jutsu

If Momoshiki's Rinnegan has additional features to absorb and transform other people's chakras into edible fruits, Sasuke's Rinnegan has additional features related to space and time.

Some unique jutsu from Sasuke's Rinnegan has been shown , :

💥jutsu Amenotejikara

If you also like to watch anime One Piece, you are certainly no stranger to the Trafalgar Law character.

Well the Amenotejikara Sasuke jutsu, how it works is similar to his Trafalgar Law Room technique.

The difference, Sasuke can exchange places with anything that is still within sight.while Law could only swap places in the Room area.

With this Amenotejikara technique, Sasuke is not only able to exchange places but also can exchange momentum and exchange direction with the target.

Because this place's exchange technique does not use any media like the 4th Hokage's Hiraisin technique, Sasuke's Amenotejikara can not be predicted where it goes.

💥travel between Dimensions

Thanks to Rinnegan, Sasuke can travel between dimensions.
The inter-dimensional journey that Sasuke can do is much wider than Obito's Jikukan Edo.

unlike Obito who can only back and forth just one dimension only, Sasuke can go out into many different dimensions.belonging to the dimensions of Kaguya.
Cross-dimensional ability is growing after the Movie Boruto. Now Sasuke not only can travel cross-dimensional for himself.

In the Movie Boruto, Sasuke can even open the Portal longer to bring the kage to the dimension where Kinshiki and Momoshiki are.

💥still Able to see events in time distortion

In addition to the two previous capabilities, it looks like Sasuke's Rinnegan also has one more unique feature, which is able to see the incident in time distortion.

In the manga of Boruto chapter 10, Sasuke's looks can still see Momoshiki and Boruto talking though that time and space has been stopped.

but it is still not known whether the Rinnegan is only able to keep him seeing events in time distortion or also be able to make it out of time distortion.

💥Sasuke's rinnegan can be disabled when not in use

only Sasuke's Rinnegan is capable of being disabled when not in use.
Sasuke began to do so some time after the end of the Shinobi World War.
Sasuke can activate and deactivate his Rinnegan eyes like when using Sharingan.

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