🏀!! Kuroko No Basket Last Game review !!🏀

By SriyaScarlet2017-09-20 13:47

Today is the best day ever !!✨
All my favorite things are happening today !!🎉

What are the happy things?
1)It's raining (I love rain !!)🌌🌉
2)The rain is scary so no school !! (Yahoo)🏫
3)My event released today❄
4)Kuroko no basket movie is released online !!🎀
5)Kaizaki proposed to Hishiro 🎉(Relife)

In this post I'm gonna write:-

The movie Kuroko no basket :Last Game ..is finally available online 🎀 It's available in gogoanime as well as animeTV.to but the problem is and the 3rd half of movie sound goes off 😂and last half the subtitles go off !!🙄

But I could analyze it somehow 😁and now here I am with the review !!

If you are a great fan of Kuroko no basket ... then you will be super hyped throughout the movie 😎 It's the best part actually !!

I was screaming and cheering all throughout the match that my mom shouted at me and told me to keep quiet !! 😂


The art is awesome !!❤(ӦvӦ。) And the details are quite good for a sports anime with fast movements !
I really am in love with the movie ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。

The story was inspired by the short sequel manga EXTRA GAME ... and the story is absolutely amazing !!

It's the dream team after all !! Who didn't want to see all the generation of miracles together ?٩(♡ε♡ )۶


Ability after ability, skill after skill and even an eye for an eye the game continues with each shot, dribble, pass, block, steal, rebound and sweat being countered at every turn.

It gets your hype 100% up I swear !! The tension rise... The teamwork ...and sacrifices ....I absolutely love the movie (how many times did I write that by now(°ー°〃)
nevertheless I do love the movie(there I go again😂))

Eventually the generation of miracles would use new abilities to counter the marvellous force of their enemies. From using multiple zones, zone technique combos, natural ability fusing, reawakenings and even old tricks just to get an edge over the opposition.

You gotta watch it !! or you will be missing one of the epic movies 😫

I don't like JABBERWOCK ..their attitude is worst...how dare they call all Japanese basketball players monkeys? They are fools !! Run for your pride !! cause kiseki no sedai is gonna take it all away 😻

The best part was Kise's ZONE + PERFECT COPY it was so amazing that I just couldn't avert my eyes even for a sec !!

Best moments !!
1) Double zone of Aomine and Kise 💙💛
2) Double team of midorima and akashi 💚💝
3) Double zone of Kagami and Aomine 💙❤

Touching Moment
1) Momoi cry
2) Goodbye Kagami
3) Kuroko and Kagami fist bump 
4) Atsushi getting hurt
5) Goodbye of other Akashi
6) Winning moment

Conclusion - The movie is great !! Watch it now !!
Thanks for reading my review .❤

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