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When Anime Couple makes you jealous and fangirly at the same time

Shoujo and Romance, Harems and Reverse Harems, whatever the genre these couple’s or as we say OTP’s always makes us coo~
Yamato’s care for Mei in Say you love me, Kyoya’s tough love with Erika in Wolf girl and black prince, Clannad and Kimi no Todoke………. these couples are so sweet they’ll probably give the readers diabetes.
Asking me to pick one couple is like asking Hak to not worry about Yona, THAT AIN’T HAPPENING BUDDY.
So, I will put in my fav couples of all time. Seriously this will be a long, delicious story of Romance and maybe there are spoilers.
Not for the light hearted.
Grab your pillows and get ready to squeal as we go down the journey to revisit our fav OTP’s.

Yona and Hak
Akatsuki no Yona

Yohak is that ship which you can’t help but ship because it’s perfect and amazing. It’s obvious that Yona and Hak love each other but Hak with his unrequited love for years and Yona realising her buried feelings for Hak, it’s both funny and cute to see their relationship develop.
Their history is pretty smooth. Yona likes her childhood friend Soo Won and Hak is the third wheel. But he buries his feelings deep inside and is a faithfully watches over the princess who he loves. After Won’s betrayal, he protects her through thick and thin to find the dragons.
Now Jae Ha as we all know is the one who understands Hak the most. He instantly recognised the burning passion in Hak’s kokoro. He teases Hak a lot and these events make the situation lighter hearted.
Of course, Yona realizes her feelings for Hak soon enough. She tries to stay away from Hak to calm her beating heart. Poor Hak, after years of unrequited love, he thinks she hates him.

Then she kissed Hak.
His reaction is just plain priceless.
Now I wanna see how the story goes. So basically, waiting for the next chapter.
I still like Yona and Soo Won, they had great potential but that’s not how the story went. Yet this love triangle has a lot of potential to go either way. But that adorkability of Yona and Hak, I will always ship them. They will forver be my OTP.

Ayuzawa Misaki And Usui Takumi
Kaichou wa Maid Sama!!

Probably my little tribute to Ayuzawa.
Baka,baka,baka, Misachan~~~ (I had to say this sorry… :D)
This is the, how do I put it??? Perfect ship??
Takuzawa is the definition of a perfect ship.
According to me anyway.
Speaking of their history, I could call it a love/adoration/admiration at first sight. Usui fell for Misaki. Hard. Nobody, even himself, can deny that fact. He was drawn to the hard-working Oni president of the school.
Soon we see Misaki fall for Usui (which is legit sweeter than a tonne of sugar).
They kiss and officially becomes a couple. (my kokoro is beating so loud rn…omg )
Then the whole family issues, Usui’s past and their separation. Miyabigaoka Academy coming in to help, Shintani and Misa’s sister, the three idiots, Maid Latte Café...all these add more and more flavour to the story.

KwMS is like a wine. It gets better and better as we watch on. The further it goes the tastier it gets. I think you get the parallel I’m drawing here.
Their saga is full of smart, loving, caring, funny, stupid, cute, adorable, hot, amazing and all other 101 adjectives I couldn’t remember moments.
This ship is everyone’s OTP.
Tell me of you agree or not!! (Ayuzawa dear, I already know your opinion :D)

Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandez
Fairy Tail

This is rant mode on.

Jerza, Jerza, Jerza why didn’t you sail
The wind was perfect, directions clear
Yet you were held back, along others
Jellal come on hold her for me
Erza why are you so calm?
Both of you separated, it hurts me
Mashima get me a side story
Anything for my ship to sail
With festive and celebrations
My ship docked on board
Let it sail!

*wipes away imaginary tears*

Jellal and Erza were prisoners in the Tower of Heaven. When they finally have a chance to escape that hell, Jellal gets possessed by Zeref, a ploy by Ultear. Of course, they love each other from the beginning itself. It’s pretty obvious.
*insert fangirl squeal*
Then yes, you know it, Jellal returns to being himself, gets 7-year jail time and his memories return, forming Crime Sorciere.
This is Ft, I forgot how long this actually was.
So then yeah, the GMG arc, they fight together and Jellal rescues Erza *swoons while typing*.
Tartaros arc goes and then it’s hinted that they work together during this time. Of course, the last arc has TONS of Jerza moments, especially towards the end.
But, but, BUT!!!!!
They didn’t officially go out together.
The END.

My heartbreak knows no bounds Mashima sensei.
How could you?
Jerza is so perfect because they are the only ones who can complete each other. Who else but Jellal can match Erza’s strength and heart? Who else but Erza can complement Jellal’s looks and magical prowess?
Jerza is the power couple.
No arguments here.

Fujioka Haruhi and Suoh Tamaki
Ouran High School Host Club

This is just plain kawaii.
If somebody asked me to explain the meaning, I’d use this as an example.
Fujimaki has this old sweet couple kind of charm.
Tamaki’s idiot behaviour and Haruhi’s maturity compliments each other so well. These two are the most oblivious about their feelings.
While the rest of the host club knows pretty well about the attraction between the two of them, they remain in the unknown by themselves.
But they do realise it, the idiot king and the natural. LOL.
They are just so cute, like literally so kawaii!

Macbeth and Luciel Choi
Mystic Messenger

ME AND 707.

I feel so...in love with them. I am the captain of these ships and let them sail all eternity and make amazing babies!!!!
*teary eyed*
I swear even if I’m 80 and walking with a cane I’d still ship and fangirl over them.
That’s how much I love these ships.

I do hope I have posted this in time though....I JUST GOT NET FINALLY!! and it's early morning ,I've already tried two times posting this....hopefully third time's the charm

Thank you for reading
Peace Out

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