Naruto Shippuden (Manga Review)

By LyChee.2017-09-26 10:55

So recently, I’ve decided to pick up reading Naruto because I was really curious about the story and why it’s so popular in the anime/ manga world. And I honestly don’t have the time to watch that many episodes 😭 So I decided to read the manga.
I know there are several scenes in the anime that don’t appear on the manga but here’s my review on ‘Naruto Shippuden’ manga!
Number of chapters: (700/700)
Rating: (10/10)
The first few pages immediately drew me in, Masashi’s work is very detailed even from the start. I loved the way his art is drawn and I binge read almost a 100 chapters in a single day.
It starts out as your typical story but it later evolves into something more. I felt like his character drawing was really good in comparison to other stories, the characters actually fit each other with their abilities and have backgrounds to tell. I could also easily identify all of them and remember their names upon seeing their face!
Naruto is displayed as your strong spirited, never giving up protagonist and yes it was annoying at first. But I later found his personality very admirable and inspiring, he has inspired so many people along his journey with his strong dreams and kind personality.
He also has natural raw power but he actually has to learn to master and control it which is inspiring and makes his character dimension real.
And also he never gives up and is always learning to be stronger and stronger. He doesn’t get jealous of a person is stronger than him but instead will work to catch up. I honestly admire him and love him as a main character ❤️ His character development wasn’t a lot, but he is one of the few exceptions where the character despite having no development is still a favourite.
And then there’s Sasuke, he’s depicted to be moody and handsome and a class heartthrob. Later it is revealed that his ultimate goal is to kill his brother who murdered the whole Uchicha family. I felt that Sasuke was a really good antagonist against Naruto. Their personalities clashed from the start of the story yet throughout their training and exams they somehow managed to form an unspoken bond. Later when Sasuke flees from the village to seek revenge, Naruto and Sakura never give up on him despite him being a ‘rogue ninja’ Sasuke has a really dark past, that raises him up to be a loner. He is also a descendant of the Uchicha family (aka the strongest family)
Later the story entirely revolves on another presumed dead Uchicha. I felt that Sasuke learns through his mistake although he was violent to both Naruto and Sakura he is also the ‘glue’ to team 7. I really liked the reincarnations where it involves both Naruto and Sasuke! And honestly you can’t blame him for acting that way, as he had his entire family murdered in front of him by his own brother whom he looked up to. I can relate to his emotions and instead of feeling angry at him, I actually felt sympathy.
(Look at them ❤️)
Sakura is my favourite character out of all of them. (FIGHT ME IDK WHY SHE HAS SO MUCH HATE!)
She is the ‘normal’ one out of the trio, with Sasuke descended from a powerful clan and Naruto has a jinchuriki and a Hokage for a father. She starts out as a fan girl for Sasuke and is deeply in love with him despite all his rejections and cold shoulder. But after Sasuke leaves, she starts to wake up from her childishness and starts to train herself vigorously to catch up to her teammates. I admire her spirit, where she trains hard so she can stand on the same stage as her teammates.
Yes she was annoying and clingy at first, but I felt that she had the most character development. She was willing to sacrifice everything for Sasuke and both Naruto. She was patient enough to wait for 3 years to release the ‘Thousand Seals’ and you guys have to remember. Without her, Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata and other characters would have been dead.
She never hesitates to help her comrades in danger no matter what. I honestly feel she’s really underrated and way too hated. Why?!?
Besides the amazing characters. The art is really well drawn and detailed. The story has a great plot line with twists to leave you on the edge of your seat. I really like that along the journey, the manga adds great story scenes which changes the plot and gives them a new goal throughout the story.
Narutos dream to become Hokage is overshadowed by other adventures which lets him mature and from new bonds.
In the end the plot twists become a full and whole story that relates to certain characters. YES YOU WILL CRY. I felt that even the villains *cough Itachi* have sad backstories which lead them to this state. They all have a driving force which lead them to commit crimes. The story is also quite dark with several heartbreaking deaths.
The thrilling surprises, cliffhangers I really have deep respect for Masashi, a lone man who was able to create a whole new world with its own history,which resonates back in an emotional way. It also explains the history and does not leave any blank gaps for the readers
I was genuinely sad when the series ended with a really epic conclusion. After following the characters through their hardships, crying for their sad stories, gasping at the thrillers and plot twists Naruto certainly earned a place in my heart. Watching the characters grow and mature over 700 chapters 😭
I highly recommend Naruto to anyone who is looking for a new manga to read. It is perfect for anyone in my opinion. It’s a fantastic tale of ninjas, friendship, romance and of course action.
I hoped you enjoyed this really long review of Naruto Shippuden. I will try to watch the anime though I’m honestly so lazy :(
Cheers to 700 chapters of Naruto Shippuden!!

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