🍁💦Diving Into The World of 2D💦🍁

By RedScarlett_9992017-09-27 15:18

My Love for Anime is much more deeper than the sea.
No one! I mean NO ONE can dive through it! Not even Haruka or the other hot characters of Free!! 🐳🐋🐟🐬🐡

📺📺📺How did I start watching Anime?📺📺📺

I first watched Anime in our TV when I was still little, not because someone recommended it to me to watch it, but because I was always drawn to the world of animation and fantasy.

At that time, I was always amazed at how those drawings were moving. I would always have a habit of staring whats in the TV all day.
I dont know why, even my mom would notice it.

I dont remember at what age I started watching anime, maybe it was in between 5 or 7.

Of course at that age I still didnt know the difference between an Anime and cartoons. So i pretty much assume that the Anime shows that I watched was a cartoon. Dont blame me, I was still little at that time. XD

I was always so hooked up with watching Animes that staying infront of the TV became my Paradise~~ 😍😍😍

I also do remember that I would always wake up early in the morning every weekend to watch my favorite animes, such as Naruto and at that time i would actually spend my time admiring Sasuke Uchiha 😌.

And every weekdays, watching Anime was also the reason as to why I had to pick up the trashes around the school 😏.
Lets just say that its a Holy Punishment for always being late because of watching Doremon and Detective Conan in the morning 😌.

But of course, I HAVE NO REGRETS !!! 😤😤😤


📺📺How many Animes have I watched and How many mangas have I read?📖📖

Sorry I dont count, I hate Math 😂.
but if I were to assume how many animes ive completed and mangas i have read then it could be more over than 100 plus.

Anyway for me, the number of anime and mangas that Ive completed doesnt measure my love for them. 😏


💻💻What were my first anime?💻💻

My first anime were the classic ones to be exact, such as..

*Ranma 1/2
*Detective Conan
*School Rumble


I love anime more than Koro-sensei loves sweets.

I love anime more than Karma loves torturing people.

I can sing Anime Ops better than Gajeel can sing his favorite songs .

I love anime more than Koro-sensei loves his ecchi magazines XD.

I love anime more than Luffy loves to pick his nose. Ewww~ 😂😂😂

I love anime more than Switch loves his anime merchandises.

I can stay up all night watching animes and playing games more than Umaru-chan

and lastly...

I love anime more than I love my boyfriend😏..........
I just remembered i dont have a boyriend. 😑


📖📀Do you have Anime Merchandise?📀📖

I do have 23 posters which i still havent glued to my room yet.

12 mangas which include some filipino mangas

and i have 17 Otakuzines (tho i dont know if the magazines are a merchandise)

I got broke right after I bought these stuffs.
Sadly i dont have any figurines or any other more merchandise because figurines and the other merchandises are expensive and hard to find. 😢😢😢


🔎What Influence Has Anime Brought To Your Life?🔍

Anime Influences. Lets just say anime has brought me good and weird influences.

😇The good influences is that...😇

* Anime has taught me the importance of friendship.

*Anime has taught me that effort and determination beats talent.

*Anime has taught me not to give up on my dreams.

*Anime has taught me to get back on my feet once I fall.

*Anime has taught me that i shouldnt rely on myself too much, and that i should ask for help if im having problems.

😌The weird influences are... 😌

1. The Running-like-A-Ninja Influence

I admit! I did ran like that when I was still a kid 😑.
I always lift my arms like that whenever i ran, and i felt like a real ninja in my mind 😌.
Tho my friends were like "Hey, are u imitating a running ostrich?".

2. The Kamehameha Influence


3. The I-feel-like-the-Main-character Influence

4. The I-Find-2D-Characters-More Attractive-Than-3D Influence

seriously why are 2D characters more hotter than than the real life ones???


Up until now, if I do have a free time I would always spend it by watching anime or reading manga. I dont care if I can watch my favorite show at 12 am in the morning as long as my dragon of a mother doesnt caught me 😂.
Id always get my snacks and drink ready before the show starts. XD

Anime has made my life more colorful. It made me happy, laugh, sad and cry. Thats why I can say that my love for anime is more than 100%!!! No one can measure it actually 😏.

Thats all for now folks. So lets just sit back, relax, and lets enjoy anime and manga. ~

and alsoforgive me for my wrong grammars XD . I dont have time to check them cuz im going to be late for this event . 🙏

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