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By sintia2017-10-01 05:38

I have three cats ..
but the closest to me is "MIU".
a small male cat.
MIU is an Otaku just like me.
when we have free time, we often do Cosplay Like this 😂😂😂
I love him very much. and lots of funny things that happened while I was with him.

😂😂😂 awh Miu .. he can always make me smile.

Once, my friends came home to do the schoolwork. but in the end just playing with my cat.
and they are also joking,
this is how they joke ....

😹 Cat's favorite food during the hot day: mice cream.
😹 If people can bad mood, cats can be bad meow.
😹 Do you feel bad when you follow a black cat? depending on whether you are a human or a mouse.
😹 the man of the North Pole is called Eskimo, his cat is EskiMeow.
😹 Favorite lesson of cats in school: the history of mouse.
😹 Cats love everything that is meowsical (musical).try to follow the sound of the cat plus a little tone .. meeow .. surely he immediately noticed.
😹 The car brand, which cat loves: Catdillac.

Haha I can not stop laughing when my friends joke about cats 😂😂😽😽

👇👇👇 Miu~~

🍥💞 Kitten story~~

when I was little my mother told me this story. and I always remember it until now.because my mom loves cats so, since childhood I already know and play with cat.

this story makes me learn many things,
so I want to share this story with you..
Teach us how to give before asking,
thinking before acting,
polite in speaking,
calm when upset,
silent when emotion struck,
be patient in every test

Why are you sad when one does not give you their attention?
No worries because god is always by your side giving you His attention ..

👇👇 this is it...

A tiny little kitten is walking the fields of the owner.when he approached the stables, he heard the big beast call him. The horse said: "You must be new here, sooner or later you will find out if the owner of this field loves me more than any other animal because I am able to haul many things for him. I guess a small animal you will not be worth at all for him ", he said cynically & bloated.The little kitten bowed his head & left. Then he heard a cow in the next cage saying: "I am the most honorable animal here because the master here makes cheese & butter from my milk. You are of no use to the family here ", with a tinge of pride.

Shouted a sheep : "uh, cow !! Your position is no higher than mine.I gave my coat to the owner of this field. I give warmth to the whole family. But your word about the little kitten is true. He has nothing to do here. "

One by one the animals participated in the conversation while telling how high their position and role in the field. The chicken also said how he had given the egg.all animals agree that the little kitten is a useless creature at all and unable to give anything to the family.

sad to sting the words of other animals, the little kitten goes to a quiet place and starts to cry lamenting his fate. Feels sad.he is an orphaned cat, considered useless, and removed by other animals.

There was an old dog who heard the weeping, then heard the petty complaint of the little kitten."I can not give anything to the family here and I am the most useless animal here."

The old dog replied: "It is true that you are too small to attract a cart, you can not give eggs, milk or feathers. But it's stupid if you cry over something you can not do.you must use the abilities given by God to bring joy and happiness. "

That night when the owners of the new fields came home and looked very tired because of the long journey and the hot sun. The little kitten ran up to him, licked his leg and jumped into his master's arms. Dropping to the ground.and the little kitten rolling on the grass with his laughter. Finally the owner of the field hugged him tightly and rubbed his head, and said: "Even though I came home tired, but it seems that all my fatigue is gone and I am happy when you welcome me like this.you are really the most precious animal among all the animals in this field, although small but you have understood the meaning of love and affection .. "

this is the thing that makes me love cat even more..
Hope you like it. 😚😚😚

it's my story about my little neko-chan~~
how about you ?

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