The Reason to Protect My Pets 💙💖💛💙💖💛

By Triple Baka2017-10-01 15:08

We all know that we Otakus need to have a friend who watches anime with us, Cosplay with us, and To play with us, but when they're not there who would replace them while they're gone? OUR PETS OF COURSE! 😆

Whenever they sleep, Eat or sit, We know that it's really really cute 😘

And here I am Triple Baka 😉 Who will now Open the portal and start an Invasion of Pets Or rather start a "Pets Invasion"

Baka-Sama:Now then let us Begin 😊

?????:(Nothing really happens around here 😑 just School, Projects, and grades 😑 (sigh).

????:Hi Keita-Kun ☺

Keita: Oh, Hi Yui

Yui:Wow (Sarcastic voice) I'm glad to see you too😒

Keita:Anyways, What's with the bread?

Yui:Hehehe.... you see I was Ordered by the Supreme Rul-

Keita:You mean your teacher?

Yui:Ah... yes yes my Teacher 😅

Yui:Anyways This bread must be delivered to the Headquarters or The Supreme Ruler wouldn't be able to finish the cure for the never ending battle in her stomach



Yui:A-Anyways, I wouldn't share you my brea-


(Suddenly pops out of the locker, stole the bread, and jumped out of the window )

Yui:Wh-what 😲 wait I need that!


Yui:Well don't just stand there! Help me reclaim the elongated staff

Keita:You mean your brea-

Yui:Just follow me 😢!!!!

Keita: Okay okay! you don't have to do that 😏

Yui:Jeez....I'll go search the school's gardening club
and you search the sea of despa-

Keita:The pool okay I get it 😅 stop acting like that

Yui:I'm trying to....... Just go search for it
(Runs off to search for the bread)

Keita:She could just have bought another one 😑 (Well I also understand she doesn't have enough allowance)

Keita: (sigh) Well I guess I should go

(On the way to the assigned area)

????:I wonder what will it taste if I added this?

Keita:Hey you! Give that back!

(The girl suddenly ran away)

Keita: (Heading Towards the Gardening Club where Yui is assigned Huh? ,Well I'd rather not go there if I were that girl)


Yui:You won't get away this time
(She threw her shoes at the girl)



Yui:Grab it now!
(As He grabbed the bread, the girl became angry)
Keita: OK got it!

????:Hmm...... ouch.....

Yui:Finally!, Quick Keita-Kun let's get out of he-

Keita:Are you alright?

????:I'm fine.....I'm just dizzy
????:Please....can I just have a little bit? for the hamster 😔 he looks super hungry

Yui:Of course! you should have just asked in the first place 😅

????:Thank you very much

(After introducing each other and feeding the hamster)

Teto:You guys are so kind ☺ I need to return the favor

Yui&Keita:What is it? 😄

Teto:Teehee... You see I'm actually not an ordinary girl
I have manipulative powers that can even control portals to other worlds when I feel like it

(Lifting Keita and Yui up to the sky)

Keita:Wo-woah this is Awesome 😲
Yui:No it's not 😣 Bring me down now now now!

Teto:ok then see you guys 👋 👋

Yui:Wa-wait what!!!

(After The two went falling down the sky,and falling a sleep for a brief moment,they found themselves surrounded by cute animals,Beneath them was a really fluffy cushion, The sky was pink and there was a circular rift in it)

????:I'm glad you two are awake now

Saki:I'm Saki ☺ pleasure to meet you 😊

Yui:Why are the animals falling from the sky?
Wait is that Teto-Chan?!

Saki:Yes,yes she is indeed

Yui:Wh-what is going on?

Saki:You see my master and I are planning to invade this world by using cuteness 😶 and what better way to conquer a planet by using cute animals

Yui:That is insane! Magic is not true!

Saki:Okay then so The fact that my master is floating up above the sky is not magic to you?



Saki:Now then, Return home, we have a surprise for you there 😉

Yui:Wa-wait just a min-

(The cute little animals suddenly carried the two away to their homes)

(Upon being carried, They saw many strangers with pets,others were taking photos of the strange phenomenon, While others were just too shocked that they were left with their mouth wide open)

Keita&Yui:Wait is this my house?!

???:🎶 Yes, from now on you'll live here 🎶
🎶 Weather you like it or not 🎶

Yui:(yawn) I'm so sleepy I can't even react to how can this anim- I mean creature talk, Hey Keit-

Keita:Zzzz 😴

Yui: What? he's already (yawn) asleep? that's......really.....zzzz

????:Now that's taken care of,It would be more easy to move them now that they're asleep 😄

Yui:(Yawn) I?

(Suddenly someone clapped)

?????:Yey they're finally awake ☺

Yui:Eh?! EHHHH?!

Yui:Keita-Kun wake up! WAKE UP!

Keita:(Yawn) keep it down will ya?

Yui:Just wake up

Keita:Ouch......... you didn't have to push me ya kno-
Wo-woah ......

Yui:Exactly! What are you?

?????:Ok so first of all ouch, Second, as you can see I'm a cat,thirdly, I have a name you know? and it turns out that I'm Pooky 😶

??????:I'm Pookyu and I'm a hamster

Yui:Awwww... So cuuutttteee!
(as she says this she's pinching Pookyu on the cheeks)

(Hides inside the cage)

Pookyu:Now you will never get to me kyu-kyu

Teto:I'm back!!......,Pooky, Pookyu I have some snacks 😊


Teto:Would you guys like to sit for dinner?

Keita:What's for dinner?

Teto:French Bread with either Mayonnaise and Butter in it

Yui:(That's for lunch?)

Teto:This is a special day 😄

Keita:Indeed, I never thought that I could see the day that Animals can talk 😄

Teto:I know right! it's because they came from my world, Where everything is Cute and lively

(The two continued to talk about the cute animals)

Yui:Hmm..... Lively Huh?.....
Yui:(Wait does that mean even breads at her world are?!)


Keita:What's wrong Yui?



Yui:S-so why conquer our world?

Teto:.....Well...... I just thought that this world needs more love......but I'm not going to shackle your freedom....... everything will remain as it is but with the new animals oh don't worry the old animals before you know the one's that couldn't talk?, I didn't removed them, they still here....

Yui:No I mean..... why do all of this?

Teto:I.....I.... wanna protect them....

Keita:From what?

Teto:From cold hearted fiends that turns them to monsters....

You see... you can define Animals in many ways
but I define them as Friends,Companions that will always be there for you.... they can sometimes be wild and goofy, but the truth is that they only want to seek your attention, And your love, They wait for you everyday you came home and be greeted by them, now doesn't that make you feel warm inside?

(suddenly someone appeared)

???????:I'll help you protect them

Teto:😲 another deity..... Yes thank you for your cooperation 😊

???????:But first I'll ask you some questions about pets so that I can create a pet that will serve as your Friend,and a companion 😉

Teto:Wow thank you! my very own first pet ☺

???????: OK first question, do you have a pet?

Teto: I don't have one...

???????::Would you like one? oh and what will you name it?

Teto:Yes I want one 😊, I'll name her Curie 😍

???????: Which anime pet do you like the most?

Teto: Hmm..... I think Torchick she's really cute 😊
She's small, so she can live in my house, I'm sure after that, my house would be really lively now

???????: OK last question, will you treat her the same way as any non anime pet?

Teto:Yes, For I think they're all unique, no animal is perfect but at the same time they're unique in they're own way😇, They represent individuality giving them the ability to interact with they're surroundings,
They are different, so that's why they're the same 😊
And another thing that's the same with them Is that they have feelings and a family 👪


???????:Ok then I'll return to my world to create the perfect pet for you, with the answers you have given me 😉

Teto:Thank you very much 😊


Teto:Pookyu come over here
(Teto signaled Pookyu to stand in her hands)

Teto: Don't take it the wrong way, I consider you all as my family 😊

(Teto sat down the chair, and Pooky slept at her lap)

Teto:Yui-Chan, Keita-Kun, Will you help me Protect our Family?

Yui&Keita: Of course we will😆

Teto: That makes me so happy 😊 Thank you!

===================THE END==================

Thank you guys for reading 😍!
I just thought of the name Yui and Keita ☺ so if anyone's name matches this it's not you 😇

I hope I didn't offend anyone 😇

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