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By nyan-tan2017-10-01 21:46

Manga review: Pandora hearts
Status: Finished
Author & Artist: Jun Mochizuki
My rating: 5/5

Here is a review on one of my favorite manga ever. Have you ever heard of Pandora Hearts? It started as a manga 2006 and it earned an anime adaptation on 2011, but the anime is not 100% loyal to the manga so I recommend reading the manga first. While the anime is good and it's really easy to become a fan of the show the manga has a deeper and more complicated story with a very big character development for all the characters!! So go ahead and read it!! ;-)

Oz is a normal noble boy, living his life normally in the Vessalius estate as he is supposed to.  The time for his coming of age ceremony is here and his family gathered all their friends and relatives to celebrate with Oz. But when Oz gets under a clock that hadn’t move for 100 years, the hands suddenly start moving and a mysterious group of people made their appearance, opened a portal for Abyss and violently thrown Oz in Abyss.

There Oz met a girl named Alice that saves him from the monsters (Chains) that try to attack him. Alice says that she’s a Chain too; but she lost her memories and wants to find them in the real world and if he makes a contract with her, she can take him out of the Abyss.

And since Oz has left many thing behind he is desperate to go back to the surface, and he makes a contract with her.

When they get back they meet a group of people that are called the Pandora organization, and they became members of this organization because they told then they can help Alice find her memories and a way Oz to break the contract with Alice without killing him.

The main theme of the anime is Alice in Wonderland, so if you're familiar with the book you many understand the plot much better, since you'll see many familiar names and characters. That’s more or less the story of the manga (every where you'll read the same things). I try not to do spoilers since it may ruin the surprises for you and how good is a mystery manga without the surprises and the plot twists?

One thing that makes this manga one of my favorite is the characters, there are so many characters that I love from this story. Everyone is unique and perfect in his own way. We have the 3 main characters:

Oz, the reincarnation of the Hero. Used to be spoiled but after his fall he learned to cherish the things around him in a more obvious way than before. He has become attached to many people around him and he’d go to great lengths to protect them (he's a cute yandere). 

Alice, the B-Rabbit. She’s considered to be the strongest Chain and she can bring the balance to the world and the Abyss. She’s acting impulsive and her actions speak instead of her words. She’s usually honest with her emotions and she’s trying to help everyone despite saying she doesn’t care. She has a huge appetite and no talent to giving nicknames.

Gilbert, the Raven. He originally was Oz’s servant but after his disappearance the Nightray family took him in their family and he is now the contractor of Raven, the Nightray family Chain. He is very concerned about his master (Oz) and wants to do help him achieve his goal and protect him. He has ailurophobia (afraid on cats), which makes him cute and he’s jealous of the relationship Oz and Alice have.

But the interesting characters don’t stop there. We also have:

Xerxes Break, the Mad Hatter. He’s a carefree person but he can also be dangerous and he’s always scheming something. He generally acts as the bad guy but he just tries to carry the entire burden himself. Has a soft spot for sweets.

Vincent Nightray, Child of Omen. He’s Gilbert’s brother, but unlike his brother he’s cold and calculative. He is obsessed with Gilbert’s happiness and is willing to do anything to achieve that.

Noise, the Puppet. She is a contractor but the contract made her to develop multiple personalities so we see her being week, vulnerable and  helpless while a little later she can be totally emotionless like a doll carrying out orders.

Elliot Nightray, the Holy Knight. He is the youngest son of the Nightray family and stays strong to his beliefs. Even though he hates the name Vessalius and considers them enemies he accepts Oz and they start to form a friendship.

Jack Vessalius, the Hero. He is a person that lived in the past but his consciousness is inside Oz’s body and comes out on crucial moments to help him make a decision.

Sharon Rainsworth, the Equus. She is a contractor, and she’s generally gentle, kind and trustworthy but she can be really intimidating too. She cares deeply for Break, and has an interest in hearing the love gossips of the people around her.

Rufus Barma, the Door to the Abyss. He is a nobleman, pragmatist who values knowledge. He shows a strong need for preservation and seems to change to the side that has to offer him the best result.

The art in the manga is perfect; it draws you to the story, and points out the best features f the characters and the story. The emotions are so well drawn that I felt like I could relate to every single one of the characters.

The story is full with plot twists and it may confuse you but if you read the chapters carefully without big breaks in the between you will understand everything perfect. Everything in the story is designed to fit perfectly with the next and the previous part. Every character is unique, with a unique backstory and a reason to fight. You can clearly see the development in the characters, how they grown up and how they had to adapt on the circumstances they had to deal with.

Pandora Hearts has a very tragic story, and all the characters have tragic past and painful stories that will make every heart ache. I still remember how much I cried when I read it first time. I even teared up a couple times writing this reviw because I had to remember all the things that happened. It’s one of the saddest stories I’ve read and I absolutely adore. It will always be the number one in my heart.

Sorry if there are any mistakes, my phone keyboard decided to break down all of a sudden!!!😂

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