A Knock on My Door

By katsuraaa-chan2017-10-02 04:29

It was one rainy Saturday. My friends and I planned to go out shopping, but I'm still stuck here at our house. Why?

Outside on our doorstep, I found two white little creatures inside a box that says 'Please keep us'. One is a white fluff ball..? And the other one is a white bear with a mouse tail and dog paws...? They were soaking wet.

"Hello there!" The bear suddenly spoke. I put my hands in cover and backed off a little.

"Y-you can talk?!"

"Haha, yes I can, for some reasons! But that's not the problem here. Would you have the heart to keep u---" Before he could finish, I slammed the door close.

I don't need pets. They're a pain.

I thought they're gonna go away, but they're so persistent! They kept knocking and knocking, don't his hands hurt right now?

After 2 hours, I finally exploded. The second they knocked, I forcedly opened the door and shouted, "Stop it! I told you, I don't want you guys! Can't you just find someone else? Go away!" I shooed them from their box.

They were walking in the rain, straight to our gate. The bear looked back at me once, twice...then walked away. I sighed in relief.

Before I closed the door, I found a notebook in their box. The bear must have left this. My curious self reached for it and decided to read it inside.

It's not that wet. I think they protected this old diary of theirs from the rain. The first page was full of doodles of themselves, then the second... it was all doodles until the middle pages.

The contents froze me.

It says that they just met last 2 months in the park. The fluff ball is a yokai... who was abandoned by his last master. The bear was once a normal animal, but some bad guys did weird experiments on him. That explains his weird body parts.

I pushed them away without knowing that they're already abandoned and hurt. I was so stupid, I didn't even gave them the chance to talk.

Before, I had a pet bird, but he died because of hunger. That's why I decided not to have any pet, because I don't want to make that mistake again.

But I just repeated it. I don't want to make another pet suffer. Without thinking twice, I ran outside and checked every house in the neighborhood. The raindrops hurt like hell, but I don't care. I need to find Nedzu and Fuzzy.

In the end, I was forced to go home. The two of them might have left, or something happened. My heart won't calm down.

-knock knock-

When I heard a soft knock on the door, I immediately opened it. My eyes cried when I saw these two little creatures, safe and sound.

"Uhm.. I might have forgotten my notebook he..." Before he finished, I hugged them both. Should I keep them? How will I take care of them? Can I do it?

The questions were all erased when they hugged me back. Haaa, they are so nice to cuddle >////<

"Uhm.. if you want, you can stay here. Achoo!" I sniffed my nose. Nedzu handed me a tissue.

"We will take care of you too! Thank you very much!"

We three went to my bed. Nedzu gave me some medicine. He knows how to nurse someone!

Fuzzy just sat on my shoulders. He is so soft~ I feel my heart floating.

Lord, please give me the strength to take good care of these two cute pets of mine😊


I felt my heart floating while writing this😄

Btw, the part where Fuzzy is an abandoned yokai and Nedzu being experimented, those were true😔

They're really cute, right? 😄 I really wanted to have a pet like them!😍

Katsuraaa (the softie),


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