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Yes High School, The most intriguing part of life😊( for me 😊) with that said let's talk about a certain anime that is really relatable to all Otakus 😊✌ (well mostly)

An anime that has cute Characters, And a lot of funny scenes, which showcases a story about a girl who has a crush to a boy named Subaru Uchimaki who is obsessed with his 2D Waifus

And he has a lot 😲

and this anime is called:


Now Mizuki Usami, The main protagonist and the most responsible member in the art club, is your typical tsundere who was interested in arts when she was a first year ✌😊

She is determined, Responsible, intelligent and helpful
She helped a Mother who has lost her child willingly,
Because she is a responsible student, She is often trusted by her teachers to the point that they want her to Join the student council 😲✌ (I wish my teachers were like that 😩) but nevertheless, she may look dependable and strong to you, she still has her ups and downs, She can easily lose her patience when she is being teased and if someone teased her about her and Uchimaki, she really gets flustered 😆😘

But she will never give up on Uchimaki because she is determined, They often argue, but the truth is that she cares for Uchimaki-Kun 😆


Uchimaki Subaru, Usami-San's crush, Is your typical Otaku Who watches anime, reads mangas and Draws his perfect Waifus, He dreams that one day he has drawn his perfect Waifu

He shows no sign in liking 3D Girls and shows liking in 2D girls (come on we can all relate to that, we sometimes[Frequently] pick 2D over 3D 😁)
He is a really skilled artist, let me tell you how,
He won 2nd place in an art competition, then after sometime he joined again and one first place (The paintings he showcased were all the drawings of his Waifus) he even failed the test just to watch 30 episodes in one week

He is Determined, Artistic, and has an Otaku Spirit
He can even draw people he met for the first time 😲
He also doesn't care about the negative opinions of other people about him, which makes him rational

He once planned on quitting the Art Club 🙅
but then Usami-San persuaded him not to quit 🙆
and also after thinking about it, he finds that Usami-San would be lonely 😘🙆😘 (He doesn't realized that Usami-San has feelings for him)


Maria Imari, another Otaku with high spirits, who is a transfer student, the first friend she made was Uchimaki-Kun, they both had the same commonalities

Imari-San is a cheerful teenage girl who is active and likes watching anime, reading mangas and cosplaying,
She has a what we call eight grade syndrome or Chuunibyou, She watches the same animes with Uchimaki, reads the same mangas and even they're favorite anime matched 😘 where she always said she had the Black Dragon Eye 👀

She can give inspirational speeches or quotes, which Collete-San follows


Collete-San the youngest member of the art club
she's playful,Active, cheerful And funny

She's always super playful, it's always shown in the anime that she always gets into troubles which I found very funny

she does weird things like rolling down from the hallway to the art room 😍✌ but she's really innocent

She always hugs Imari and Usami often because they always made her laugh 😁 and because they're often the friends she has who spends time with her a lot

P. S she's really rich, and she's a foreigner

there's also other characters like

The president of the art club

Who barely showed signs of responsibility and the only one who sleeps day in or day out (Just what I wanna be😍😍😍)

She's very clumsy and shy but she gets serious when it comes to her students doing Immoral things

And lastly her supportive friends who will never stop on shipping her with Uchimaki, they always support her

===================that's all===================

I'll give this 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 out of 5 stars
this anime is funny, it's relatable 😊
I recommend this to anyone who didn't watched it yet
from the opening song of the anime to the ending song of it, all of it is awesome, they're creativeness
that's what got me hooked up.

don't worry the season 2 of this manga is currently ongoing

well that'll be all Bye guys 👋 😆

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