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So, yesterday I had an internal war as to read Harry Potter or rewatch Naruto and today morning during breakfast this came in my mind.

Me: Harry Potter or Naruto?😮

Harry: Of course, Harry Potter! I mean I fought Voldemort!😏

Naruto: Just one? I have fought 3!

Ron: But I bet you wouldn't be able to take on Voldemort!

Sasuke: Yes, he would! You don't know how strong he is. This Voldy-guy wouldn't stand a chance.😠

Hermione: With your jutsu-nutsu stuff?Ha! You wouldn't stand 5 seconds against him with something so trivial.

Sakura: Hey! What do you mean by trivial?! Ninjutsu let's us do amazing stuff!

Harry: Like?😡

Naruto: Like shooting out bouts and jets of fire and water! Creating a wall of mud!

Sasuke: It let's us transform into into n number of things and make clones composed of not only flesh but of lightning, fire, earth, water, sand, wood, etc.

Sakura: Yes! It let's us summon creatures which are immensely powerful and helpful and let's us heal!

Naruto: Not only that but check this out! *makes a clone and transforms himself into a bikini clad girl and the clone into a half naked boy*

Harry, Ron, Hermione: *nosebleeds*

Sakura: For once I won't beat you up for this.😉

Naruto: Hahahaha! Look at the nosebleed they got! So, what did you say about jutsu huh? I bet the Voldy-moldy wouldn't stand a chance against me!😆😆

Harry: Your jutsu is bullshit! It cannot summon things in a room filled with thousands of stuff can it?! It cannot disarm a person with a flick can it?! 😠

Ron: Does your jutsu allow you to create an invisible shield around you? No! Does it let you have good luck? No!

Hermione: So, you wouldn't stand a chance against Voldemort! He cannot be defeated by physical attacks but only by powerful magic. I bet Harry and us could've defeated all those three of your opponents easily like a child's play.😡

Sakura: You don't know what you are talking about! Kaguya was goddess-like! She was the progenitor of Chakra.

Sasuke: Defeating Kagura with something like magic? No way! Unless she didn't transfer you to numerous dimensions including a world of lava!😕

Harry: Magic is might!
Naruto: No, jutsu!
Harry: Magic!
Naruto: Jutsu!
Harry: Magic!
Naruto: Jutsu!
Harry: Magic!😈
Naruto: Jutsu!😈

Me: *ahem* Calm down guys. You aren't even real.

Everyone: *glares*😠😈

Fans: You said it! She said it! How could you?! You shall be thrown into the dungeons of Snape for lifetime! You shall be put into infinite tsukuyomi! Aaaaahhh!!!! *runs after me*

Me: *Runs faster and faster*😯😵😵

Sasuke: Seriously? I mean she picked up things from us and she says we are not real?

Hermione: I agree.

Naruto :Who's up for Ichiraku Ramen?!

Sasuke and Sakura: Me!!🙋

Ron: What's that?

Hermione: Some food, maybe...

Ron, Harry: I am in!!

Harry: ThoughI would love to have some treacle tart.

Naruto: Don't worry, mate. We will have that later.

Everyone: Let's have some ramen!!🙌

Don't kill me, please. I know its super lame but I couldn't help posting it.

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