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At the certain school where a 15 year old girl named Yui Kawakimi was transferred to, is the place where she would find the biggest threat, what is this threat? When will it appear? How did it become a threat? can she survive?

Teacher: Can you introduce yourself to the class?

Yui: Sure can do

Yui: My name is Yui Kawakimi, it's nice to meet you all

Teacher: OK then nice to meet you too, everyone please greet Kawakimi-san

Everyone: Nice to meet you too Kawakimi-san

Yui: 😊

Teacher: OK then your sit will be beside........ Yuukiteru

The teacher pointed at a boy who was looking out of the window, he was in deep thoughts

Yui: OK Sensei....

As I went to my seat, I suddenly felt a strange presence, it's making me uncomfortable,but I couldn't figure out what it is, so I ignored it for now

Sensei: And with that said, I'll introduce myself for our new transfer student, Kawakimi-san... My name is Ms Toriumi, And I'll be teaching literature, I hope you all pay attention, .........OK let us now begin.... Open your Textbook at page 34 where we will be-

Yui:(I looked out the window, it was cloudy outside, I think it's going to rain sooner or later, and I didn't even brought an umbrella with me, I got a feeling that this day will be a disaster, But...... Why am I sensing something it's making me uncomfortable, this sensation never occurred to me before, I'm getting scared, how am I fee-)

Sensei: Kawakimi-san.....Kawakimi-san!

Yui: (gasp) Y-yes Ma'am!?

Sensei: Pay attention Kawakimi, this maybe your first day here but that is not an exception, lend me your ears

Yui: OK Ma'am ! I mean Ms Toriumi I'm sorry!

Sensei: please pay attention,...... OK going back, we know that tod-

And after the hours of teaching, it was now lunch break, I was touring the school with Yuukiteru, Ms Toriumi asked him to show me around school, and he agreed

Yuukiteru: and the last one is.... This place, the school library, you got that?

Yui: Yeah... I think I got all of them

Yuuki: That's a relief, I know how hard it is transferring to a new school, no friends, new schedules and new places, but I'm sure you'll get used to it soon

Yui: Thank you, your very kind

Yuuki:(blushing)Haha...... How about we go eat

Yui: O-ok let's go

Yuuki: Y-yeah let's

Yui:(I didn't wanna eat alone, you don't have any friends when you transfer to another school, that's one of the disadvantages of a transferee, but with that aside, I don't want to feel it again, that strange presence, that's why I wanna eat with him, it's a good thing he's kind but a little too shy I guess...)



We started to eat, but you'll see that there was no communication happening

Yui: mm.... That was delicious, where can I find the restroom for......girls?

Yuuki: it's in the third floor, don't get lost

Yui: I wouldn't...

As I go up the stairs, I hear the sound of footsteps, normally I'd think it's normal, but, this time I'm getting the hint that this will not look good

the other students are on the school grounds, so it's rare for a student to go here, so it's a little quiet around here, and now.. I'm on the third floor, and I can still hear those footsteps,
but I still ignored it, since I can't be scared by the sound of footsteps

As I went inside the bathroom, I quickly grabbed my cellphone and saw my future diary changing it says

Yui: (Gasp) a nearby diary user, I've got to find a way out, or a place to hide

Yui hid behind the 3rd bathroom stall,
As the footsteps gets closer and closer, tears were starting to fall from her eyes

Yui: (I never wanted this, all I wanted to know was how people feel, that's why I received this diary, the Seeker.... But I didn't know Zeus would turn this into a battle royale

(Bang!) as the other diary owner kicked the 1st bathroom stall door

Yui: .....!!!!!!

I covered my mouth, I mustn't make any noises

(Bang!!) The other diary owner kicked the second bathroom stall door

Yui:(Gasp) (!!!..... There's nothing more I can do! I-i have to fight!)

I see the diary owner's shadow inside, and it seems like it's about to kick the door

Yui: (DAMN IT ALL!!!)

as she was going to open the door to punch the other diary owner, someone was calling her name

???: Kawakimi-san!, Kawakimi-san!
It's going be noon soon! We have to go soon!

???: Yuuki?

The enemy ran outside, I can hear her footsteps, it was going further and further away, I was relieved and at the same time exhausted, I made sure that the perpetrator was gone, Then I saw Yuuki

Yuuki: it's time to go home Kawakimi-san, why did it took you long

Yui: it's....... It's.......

Yui: (I can't tell him, even though I know he's the first)

Yui: I-it's a secret...... Girl stuff

Yuuki: O-oh sorry for asking, let's go home now

Yui: O-ok

Both of them went home, Yui felt exhausted after the event that took place earlier, she's planning to transfer to another school as soon as possible, but she had forgotten her envelope below her chair

Yui: I'm sorry Yuuki-kun, I need to get back! I forgot my envelope, it has the important papers I need

Yuuki: w-wait for what? I'm coming too

Yui: no no I got this, please head home now

Yuuki: B-but-

And with that Yui ran off to get her envelope inside the classroom,
She ran and ran but she started to slow down...

Yui: ........

Yui: (something doesn't seem right)

Suddenly a knife was suddenly thrown at her

Yui: AHHHH!!

Yui dodged, the knife, took it, and ran as fast as she could to reach the school, along the way she can here that the perpetrator is chasing her, She has entered the school, it was quiet, at this time many students had either gone home or in their club, along the way, she has managed to escape the perpetrator's eyes but the perpetrator knows where she was headed

Yui: ha.... ha......( now to find my envelope)

While walking through the dark hallways, Yui was holding her knife

Yui:(I need to be alert)

She went inside the classroom and got the envelope below her chair,
When she was about to leave she heard footsteps going near, Yui hid behind the table and quickly grabbed Her knife for the worst case scenario

The footsteps where getting farther and farther and finally it became quiet again

Yui: ......

Yui walked in front of the door and told her self if she would open it or not

Yui: (W-what should I do? Should I open it now? Or wait for a bit longer?)

Yui thought about it seriously, she decided she should open it, it was already quiet but she reconsidered

Yui: ( I'm not sure about this...)

Yui looked around and saw a locker, she hid inside it

After a minute, she heard the door opened and searched the whole area

Yui: ( I knew it)

She started to shiver when the girl saw the locker

Yui: (N-no please no!)

Yui: AHHHH!!

???: AHHH!
Yui kicked the locker's door, making the girl flinch

This was the perfect chance for her to escape, but the girl quickly regained herself, Yui ran as fast as she can,
But she tripped causing the girl chasing her to get closer

???: There's no use in running anymore...., if I kill you Yuuki will love me, ME ALONE

Yui: Y-you're craz- AHHHHHH!!

Yui was stabbed in the thighs, she kicked the girl and ran away

Yui: ( IT HURTS IT HURTS! at this rate I'll eventually fall down, where did she go?)

Yui stopped and looked behind Her, but she saw no one chasing her, she continued to run but suddenly

???: You seriously thought you can run?

Yui: (gasp)

The girl tried to stab Yui but Yui dodged every single strikes, Yui tried to counter but the girl quickly dodged it and saw an opening

Girl: Die....

Yui: Agghh........ agh......

Yui was stabbed, she fell to the ground

Girl: now to finish you off

Yui: N-no!!!

Yui kicked The girls feet causing her to fall down, she took her knife and stabbed the girl in her legs 2 times and She tried to stab the girl's chest, but the girl covered it with her hand, so her hands we're the ones who got stabbed, Yui got up and walked away when suddenly

Yuuki: YUNO NO-

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