A Sweet Halloween with Kuroo !!

By Sempai2017-10-25 07:28

Kuroo and I have benn friends since we were kids, we were always together and always did crazy thing, nothing can ever separate us he was always near me helping me with everything, and that's why I love him so much he's my first love and the one I want to be always with, I never said to him how I felt because I thought I could've destroyed our friendship that's why I kept these felling inside me.

It was me and Kuroo in a dark room planing an idea for trick or treat...
We decided that Kuroo would be a vampire and I also a vampire.

"Mwahahahahaha" I laughed together with Kuroo

"Children what are you doing" my mom came in and said

"Mom, you destroyed everything we tried to make this more dramatic" I said nervously

"Come on, don't be like that kids" she said and closed the door

"We're not kids we're 20 now" I yelled at her.

"So we're doing as we planed, right ?" Kuroo asked and then I replied with a Yes !

After that we went out dressed as Vampires, there lots of people with different costumes and with lots of candies, and so we started our hunt...for candies .
We arrived at a house we knocked and someone came out...It was Naruto

"Hello kids !! and it looks like you're not kids, oh you're Kuroo and Asuna !"
(Asuna that's my name)

"Trick or trick !!" we said at the same time

"Sorry but I got only ramen...just kidding I have some candies so here you have some" He gave us some candies and then we went to another house, this time it was the house of luffy...

"Hello guys, want some meat ? " he said right after opening the door

"Sorry, but we're here for candys, Trick or Treat ?" said Kuroo

"Kids these days only think about candys, what about meat the most delicious food in the whole world, ok here you have some, bye now !" He said and went inside

After we got some candies we went somewhere to rest and eat some of them of course.
After a hour again we started our hunt for candies, we went to Yato's house...

"Trick or Treat ?" we said after he opened the door

"Give me 5 yen I will give you candies...just kidding here, anyway aren't you to old for this? " he asked us and then we replied "No, we're not"

After that we got to Vegeta's house after he knocked he went out and said " I won't give you candies because I hate Halloween, but I like your costumes so that's why I'm going to gibe you some, now go"

"Such a nice guy" kuroo said and I replied "yeah" then we laughed and continued our journey for candies !!

"Where should we go next ?" I asked

"What do you think about Goku's house" I replied "I bet he has only food"

"What about Kaito's house ?" I replied " I think he's going to trick us after all he's a magician"

"Levi's house" I replied "hahaha, you want to be dead ?"

"I don't know where we should go next, do you have any idea ?" I replied "Mwahaha, I do !"

We got to Mei's house " haha, I don't want to be dead, you don't want either so leave get away" then I said "But she's a nice a girl" Kuroo said "let's go before I kill you" we saw each other for a moment then we heard some frightened whispering and ran away. We found ourselves in a beautiful temple we started laughing and after some minutes staying calm something I wouldn't expect happened...all of a sudden Kuroo kissed me.

"Enough with the games, I know you love me and I also love you so let's be together, well we've always been but let's be together as lovers" I gladly accepted and then we ate the candies and went home.

The next mornign we saw each other but now as lovers we went to a coffee and I said " I remember as yesterday when we kissed for the first time" then Kuroo said " It actually happened yesterday" i replies "oh, yes it actually happened yesterday, such a magical moment".

After some minutes staying and doing nothing Kuroo kissed me again " I love you so much"

My face became all red I was so embarrassed, everyone was looking at us and I felt happy.

I remember it as it happened yesterday...and it truly happened I was the happiest person in the world and the luckiest because I had the best person in the world as my boyfriend, and we can't wait for the next Halloween so that we can do crazy thing again !!

Wow, I finished but I just hope it could've happened like this in the real life, it would've been amazing 😭😭 but anyway hope you like and enjoy it !

Sempai out !!

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