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By Sakura30.012017-10-26 04:12

It is October 31st and I am watching some movies at night. Most channels are showing horror movies because it seems the right time to do that... Well it's Halloween after all so I guess there's no choice. I don't like horror movies very much so I start zapping and found this Narnia movie I've watched so many times but still enjoy as if it was the first time watching it.
Honestly I am bored and wished people would celebrate Halloween in my country. Then I would do all the things I've heard and read about this celebration since I was a kid. Halloween seems so funny and exciting I hope one day we will get to celebrate it here as well.
It is late and I am tired so I go to my bedroom. I was still thinking about Narnia and that magic place connected to our world through that wardrobe until I see the huge old wardrobe that used to belong to my grandmother. I thought it would be great being able to travel to a place like Narnia with countless adventures waiting for me and the magical creatures from that world... so I say "what if I try and check?... I know! I know! It is so silly. That kind of things only happens in movies and books!" but I still open the wardrobe and look for a secret portal or something until...
BOOM! There was a loud noise and I think I lost conscience for some minutes because the next thing I know is I am lying in the middle of a forest.
What happened? Did I fall asleep? I pinch my arm but nothing happens... Ouch! That hurt! Oh well... If I am asleep how can I wake up just by telling myself to do so?
I decide to check the surroundings carefully. It is dark but the moon provides enough light for me to see things. I am scared to come across some wild animal in the forest so I try to move quietly but the leaves and twigs on the ground make a lot of noise as I step on them.
Suddenly I think I can hear footsteps which are not mine so I stop but the noise stops as well. How strange. Maybe I am starting to imagine things because I am too nervous. I start walking again but after some minutes I have the impression that someone or something is following me. I pluck up the courage but my voice is still trembling when I ask "H-hello! Is anyone t-there?" *silence* no answer comes back
This is so frustrating! I don't know what to do. I am hopeless with places and directions and I get lost easily... to make matters worse I end up in this forest at night. I am not even sure if I will be able to find a way out... *sighs*
I didn't realize I said this out loud but when I think I am about to cry a voice tells me:
"Come on! You are so negative girl! You are not far from town and I will help you to get there."
"Who's that? Where are you?" I ask as I look in all directions.
"Here in the tree!" the voice replies.
I look up and see a black cat wearing a big hat (am I Alice or what?)
"Hello! I am Blair" the cat says as it jumps from the tree and transforms into a beautiful girl by the time she gets next to me.
"Mmm I haven't seen you before" she tells me. "I am sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I thought it was strange to find a girl in the forest this late so I was following you."
"Thanks for helping me! I am Sakura... I don't know how I got to this place. Some minutes ago I was at home."
"Don't worry Sakura-chan! It is Halloween so magic portals open easily at times like this. We will find some way to take you back to your house. I have many friends that can help."
"Thanks Blair!! You are so kind!"
"It is fine! You already thanked me... Let's have some fun first! Night is young and the Halloween celebration has just started."
Blair was right. We weren't that far from the town and when we got to her house she told me to wear a witch costume she thought would fit me.
"Fantastic! Now you are ready to join the celebration. What do you want to do first?"
"Anything you want." I said shrugging. "I've never celebrated Halloween before."
"How is that possible? You have to try everything you can then!" she said determined.
"That sounds great! I will follow you."
Blair looks for two bags and we start walking, visiting houses decorated with carved pumpkins and saying "trick or treat." I felt a bit shy at first but everybody was so kind and after knocking many doors our bags are full of candies and chocolate.
Now that we have lots of sweets we decide to do something else. That's when Blair sees Miku. She also collected lots of candies and looks gorgeous in her witch costume.
"Hey Miku! What are you doing? I want you to meet my friend Sakura."
"Hi girls! Nice to meet you Sa-chan! I am going to the haunted house. My friends say it is really good and I shouldn't miss it."
"Can we go as well?" I ask Blair *eyes shining* and she just grins and holds my hand as we follow Miku.
We are about to arrive to the haunted house. I can see a really long line of people waiting to enter this amazingly decorated house. While we are waiting for our turn Miku tells us that the Karasuno volleyball team and the first year students from UA Hero Academy joined forces to prepare this haunted house. It seems they are raising money for their school trips.
When we get there I see Tanaka, Kageyama, Hinata and Nishinoya eating pumpkin pie and cupcakes. They are having a short break but the UA girls scold them because they want to sell that food to the visitors. Uraraka and Asui welcome and thank us for coming to their haunted house. When it is our turn they lead us to the entrance and the door closes behind leaving us in a dark room.
The house was really scary but fun at the same time! The students scared us in their perfect costumes and we jumped, screamed, hugged ourselves and run as we were looking for the exit. After some minutes Miku tells Blair and me she thinks she can see the exit. I grab the knob and decide to open the door but, as I am doing that, a werewolf appears out of nowhere, growls at us and he scares me to death. My friends and I fall to the ground shaking. That was a big surprise just at the end when we weren't expecting anything else. It is the cool Bakugou who is laughing at us now.
"Woah! That was the best haunted house I've ever visited!" says Blair
I nod in agreement and ask the girls what we can do next. Blair says there is a Halloween festival some streets ahead and we immediately agree to go there.
As we walk following the festival's music that we can already hear I see a nice building.
"What's that Blair?" I ask pointing to the building that caught my attention.
"That's the town's ice rink" she answers.
"Is it open? Can I have a look at it?" *eyes shining more than ever*
"If you want it so much... but I can't promise it will be open."
We get to the entrance and I am happy to see the door isn't locked. Blair and Miku wait outside while I enter the building. I hear a familiar melody and when I get to the ice rink I see a couple skating so beautifully. Wow! This has a hypnotic effect *daydreaming* Wait!! Come back to your senses Sakura! I can't believe my eyes! Are those Victor and Yuri??? My fujoshi dream comes true! OMG! I interrupted them and feel awkward.
I rush to the exit and tell the girls the ice rink is the most beautiful I've seen but we should go ahead with our Halloween plans.
"Yeah... the ICE RINK is beautiful Sakura-chan *winks* Let's go to the Halloween festival." Blair says with a conspiratorial look that makes me blush.
The Halloween festival is so lively and interesting. We eat a toffee apple and candy floss. There are some games and a fortune teller too. I look at the mysterious lady but I am not sure if I should ask about my future. To my surprise, the fortune teller looks at me and makes a gesture with her hand asking me to come. I walk nervously and she offers me a sit.
"I see you aren't from here" she says looking at her crystal ball.
"You are right. I ended in this place by chance. Actually I don't know how..."
"Don't worry" she interrupts me "I also see you have some good friends. Stay by their side and enjoy this night. Now go. You shouldn't make them wait too long."
"Fine... Thanks madam" I say a bit disappointed because I wanted to know about my future.
The lady grabs my hand as I am standing up "Wait darling. Let me have a look at your palm" she says smiling.
"Mmm You will meet an interesting man. Just be careful and don't join him in his crazy ideas."
"Ok I will follow your advice. Thank you!" I say waving goodbye.
Soon I learnt the fortune teller was right...
Miku and Blair are playing some games while I look at them. I finish my second toffee apple when I hear a noise. I think someone is calling me.
"Psst psst!"
"Who's that?" I ask.
I see a young man wearing a devil costume. He has bandages so I don't recognize him at first. He comes from behind a lamp post.
"Beautiful lady, this is the first time we meet but I still need to ask you..."
"Yeah?" is the only think that comes from my mouth. I hate suspense.
"Do you want to commit double suicide with me??" *tries to look charming*
"What are you saying suicide maniac?!?" Blair's timing is perfect! "Stop annoying my friend! You are scaring her."
"Oh I see... you jealous... want to join us?" Dazai says smiling.
"I won't allow these ladies to get hurt!!" a blonde man suddenly appears and he is between Dazai and Blair. It seems he wants to protect us. Dazai looks a bit disappointed as he leaves us.
"Sanji-kun!" Miku says happily. "Have you come to invite us to the Halloween feast??"
"O-of course!! Please c-come with me!" he replies as he tries to manage one of his usual nosebleeds.
We walk some blocks and get to a big Halloween party. Miku explained me the mugiwaras, the Fairy Tail guild and Ciel Phantomhive with his servants organized that party. Sanji worked hard but he also had the help of many friends to prepare all the food for the splendid feast and I heard Sebastian was in charge of the cakes and desserts.
The party is full of people. They are guests but they help in the party's organization too.
"This night has been incredible" I tell my friends.
"Wait for the last event" Blair says
"What kind of event is that one?"
"A broom race!" someone answers. "Are you entering the competition?"
I turn and see Mahiru, Kuro and the other servamps.
"You will be hard to beat but I am ready for the challenge" Blair says defiantly.
"What do you think Kuro?" Mahiru asks his partner.
"Whatever... I just want to sleep" *yawns*
"What about you Sakura? Are you going to participate?" Blair asks me really excited.
"Eh? Are you crazy? I don't know how to fly. I don't have magic powers either."
"You don't need magic powers because the brooms are magic. Trust me. It's as easy as riding a bike. Most people here are participating."
I am about to reject her invitation when she gives me a broom. "Here! Let's practice for a while before the race starts."
Blair was right again. Flying on a broom wasn't that difficult so we joined the others in the race. Ciel explained the rules and everything we needed to know about the route.
I hear the sound that indicates the start of the race and I make the broom fly fast dodging some competitors. However, Blair and Mahiru quickly pass all of us and reach the first places. I have to admit they are formidable opponents.
Part of the route is over the forest where Blair found me earlier. I am doing well but when I try to go faster I lose control and crash with Ciel.
I think Ciel managed to avoid falling from his broom but in my case I haven't much luck. After my broom loses control I fall in the forest. The dense trees make the fall softer and I end unharmed though I find my broom broken. I thought it would be easier to find my way back flying but I have to abandon the idea and my only option is walking.
Here I am in this dark forest again feeling anxious. Is this the right direction?
"Hey! Who's that?" I hear footsteps approaching.
"Hello! I am lost. Can you help me?" I start feeling hope but that doesn't last long
"I am afraid I am lost too. I want to go to the Halloween party. My friends are having a feast and they promised me they would bring the best sake" Zoro tells me.
"Oh! I think you are a bit too late for that" I say "I had an accident at the brooms race and that is how I ended in the forest."
Zoro and I walked for some minutes. He insisted to lead but I knew we were hopeless.
"I wish Blair would find me again" I say
"Who?" Zoro asks
When I want to answer as I am walking I don't notice there is a sort of cliff in front of me and fall. Zoro calls my name but I hear his voice farther. He obviously doesn't know where I am. I only have some scratches and decide to keep walking. I've lost track of time and I am getting tired so I sit on a big rock. I look behind me and jump when I notice a skeleton under a tree.
OMG! Maybe there are some wild animals in this forest after all. I haven't recovered from that shock when I see a group of skeletons approaching. They don't look friendly and I can think of only one think: run as fast as you can!!
The skeletons are really scary. Some of them are chasing me and others are climbing the trees to look in the distance and find me. I can't help shivering when I think they look like big white spiders.
My legs barely answer me. I am exhausted and this doesn't seem to have an end. I stand for some seconds to clear my mind and think of a plan when I see a distant light. There is a person holding a sort of stick that emits the light.
The light gets stronger and I see the skeletons retreating. This person is my savior! I need to show my gratitude and ask for a way out of this crazy forest but I can barely move. I've been running for so long.
I don't need to move because the next thing I know is I am in front of a big clock and a beautiful witch is smiling at me.
"It's time for you to come back Sakura. I hope to see you again next year."
I can only nod and then POOF! I wake up at home covered in a pile of mangas. My sister comes and asks me if I am all right.
"What are you doing in the middle of the night? You scared me!" she scolds me.
"Sorry for interrupting your sleep... I had a little accident" I apologized. "Let me tidy this mess."
I am thinking this is the craziest dream I've ever had and chuckle.
"Well... This is the last book. Now let's sleep" I tell myself when my feet bump a big bag. "Was this in the wardrobe?" I look at the bag's content. "Wait! How...?" I am astonished as I find a huge pile of sweets.
Sorry for the endless post. If you get here thanks!!!

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