♥💜🎃 Trick or Treat My Dear ? 🎃💜♥

By SriyaScarlet2017-10-26 12:56

*Knock Knock
~~Shishio"Who's there?(´-﹏-`;)"
~Your Sweet wicked witch girlfriend. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ So hurry and open the door hunny❤

*My boyfriend is Satsuki Shishio. From past few weeks we were soo busy that we couldn't even see each other's shadows ... but now I can meet him ... So I wanna make him happy and fill my mind with thoughts of our moments together again💛

*Door opens

~Shishio~Heya ~ Come in.
As I look at him... I notice his blood stained clothes.

~😐😶😲😵 Are you hurt ?! What's all the blood and the bandaid etc? Are you Okayyyyy Sensei?😨😨


Hurry inside
*A small laugh and sweet force ..as he pulls me inside to shut the door and the next moment I am...

~uwaa whats this position ?!😵 ●/////●
Sensei are you okay?
*As I was in kinda tensed up state ...he leans onto me and slowly digs his face into my neck.

~Sensei !! (can't describe how much he loves to see this face of mine when I get teased by him and blush)

Then he slowly whisper "3...2...1.. "* Bite
eekss !! uwaa ..that hurts .(T_T)/~~~
~Shishio~"Well that's you punishment for calling me sensei ..even though I told you not to do so when we were alone."

An evil smirk spreads his face as he looks at me for top to bottom.
Uwaa ! His eyes ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ They are so enchanted that they suck me into them.

~Shishio" So.. now that the sweetest witch of this Halloween is captured by the scary vampire prince ... I wonder what's gonna happen next right dear?~"

"wait .. So you mean to say that you are dressed up like a vampire Shishio ?thank God.. you scared me .. I thought you were injured"

~Shishio "Well I am dear ... So I'm really thirsty right now so maybe I could have a little of you "

As he says so he holds me by my waist and pulls me all the more closer. And bites me on the other side of my neck.

ouch! I scream ... it hurts ... taking into consideration that he want not holding back his strength to bite.. it was painful. But I don't hate it.Then he moves his face away and touches the bite mark with his fingers.

~Shishio "Sorry dear witch 😜 I couldn't hold back since your blood was tasty 😋"

mmmm 😗😣

* I wonder what he will do to me if I surrender myself to him.. will he slave me ? will he bite me in different places ? ( does different places include those too
• ////// • I hope not cause then it will be embarrassing )

Ok Prince, please do whatever you wish to do with me.. I shall so whatever you say.

uwaaaaa I said it !! I can't stop blushing.

*He noticed me all red.. he showed a small smile as he realized what was going through my mind. 😣 He is soo mature that I can't hide anything from him.

~Shishio "Well okay witch~san let's form a pact on this Halloween"

"pact?what ?"
~Shishio "you heard it right"

Saying so he takes me to his bedroom. And before I realize it ..I am on his bed and trapped in his arms.

~Shishio "So the details regarding this pact are :-
1)You need to spend time with me everyday.
2)Sharing a kiss Is important too. (deep one 😉)
3)Love me forever 💓
4)Do this pact every Halloween from now on
5)Never leave my side
And since I'm doing this pact with you ..you shall be my lifetime partner♥.

So if you understand and agree close your eyes."

*ofc~ im gonna agree ...are you kidding me ? you don't even have to ask ... I love you.
I whisper "I love you" and close my eyes.

... nothing is being done to me ?!
I open my eyes a get up.
What I found him doing was thinking in deep thoughts ... then he said (rather asked ) me..

~Shishio "Say .. should we do it more Halloween way by actually making you drink my blood or normal kiss would do?"

And before I could say (or even think on my opinion) ..
He jumped onto me saying a blood is worth the try ..close your eyes now dear. He cuts a bit of his lips from which fresh blood started flowing and then we shared a deep kiss.

after a while ...
"yAy we did a pact !! I'm soo happy"
~Shishio "darn! it actually hurts cutting a lip."
I take a handkerchief out and stop his blood ..

1 min hunny I will change into a Halloween nurse costume ...and shall treat your injury.

Guess that gonna be awesome
~Shishio"I'll be in your care dear "
Okie leave it to me ! but before that give me my treats I wore this witch costume for that.

~Shishio-"Yea I got you some chocolates ...
but too bad I'm the one whose gonna eat them 😋
Don't worry ~ you can enjoy the pleasure of the chocolate being licked from your body ...okay dear? "

He smiles in a joyous mode.
Whereas I'm all red thanks to his dirty jokes which I know are not just words but his future actions.I m flushing like anything😣 Uwaaa

I walk out wondering what king if pleasure awaits me and I change into my nurse costume.

----~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~----
I can leave the rest to your imagination 😝
Thanks for reading !
Hope you enjoyed😁

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