Fights are never good..unless it’s one of these 5!

By nyan-tan2017-11-01 01:09

This time it's about anime battles, and I have to admit it was very difficult to choose only five. Also it was very hard not to write only Gintama battles so I need some praise. 😊😊
Here are my 5 favorite battles!!

5) Shizuo vs. Izaya, from Durarara!!

The reason behind the fight is nothing very special but it has deep roots and that’s why the fight takes a very ugly turn. Izaya claims that he loves all humanity except Shizuo and from their first meeting he is the cause of Shizuo’s mental and physical distress. Shizuo on the other hand is not a saint as he is lead by his animal instincts so when he met Izaya he felt the danger and he attacked him. So the main reason behind this fight is mutual hating.

While the fight is a very close one and no one has the advantage for the longest time, at one point Izaya is distracted and Shizuo manages to make the final blow and be the winner of their last battle.

Even though I love them both, I especially love to hate Izaya so I was cheering for Shizuo. Also all these years Izaya was responsible for most of his troubles, and even though he hated fighting; Izaya always schemed something to set up one for Shizuo. So when Shizuo had the upper hand for the first time I was very happy and I felt like it was justice for all the abuse he had to suffer all these years. Izaya even put him to jail for fun so some broken ribs are nothing in front of that!!

4) Kagura and Shinpachi vs. Abuto, from Gintama!

📣📣📣[Spoiler] The memorable part of this fight is that two people of the Yato tribe are fighting against each other. The reason for this battle happening is the fact that Kagura and Shinpachi want to let Gin-san go ahead so they stall the enemy in front them. [End of Spoiler but there’s more in the next paragraph]📣📣📣

At first Abuto overpowers both of them easily; but after Shinpachi nearly gets killed Kagura who has declared that she’ll fight against her Yato instincts and she won’t give in; loses her consciousness and turns into a killing weapon. She almost kills Abuto so the winner is clearly the Yorozuya team but at what cost?

With all fairness, this fight is one of the best on Gintama. Kagura gots some amazing moves and let's be honest, it's a fight between two people of the Yato tribe. It's guaranteed that the fight will be epic.

During that fight I felt really awful, because first of all Shinpachi almost died so I almost lost my mind and secondly Kagura succumbed to her Yato nature and became what she hated so aster Shinpachi brought her back to reality she was so disappointed to herself and I was so sad. Even though they won the fight they were both devastated and so was I.

3) Ulquiorra vs. Ichigo, from Bleach

After the Espada have kidnapped Orihime due to her special healing power; Ichigo and the other usual suspects go to Hueco Mundo to take her back. They meet many of the Arrancars and Espadas and thy fight but the most memorable fight is the last one where Ulquirra and Ichigo fight.

This fight goes like every typical fight in a long aired shounen anime. Ulquiorra overpowers Ichigo, Ichigo releases an new power and he overpowers him but then Ulquiorra overpowers him again and this goes on for some episodes but at the last episode Ichigo loses control of his Hollowfication and manages to finally completely overpower him. Ulquiorra accepts his defeat and ask Ichigo to kill him but he refuses and eventually he fades away.

Ulquiorra is one of my favorite characters so I was quite sad when he simply became ash but what hurt me the most was that last minute he realized what mean to have a heart so his ending was very sad. Despite that I was cheering for Ichigo but the ending of the fight made me a little depressed.

2) Katsuki Bakugo vs. Shoto Todoroki

It’s the final fight in U.A. sports festival to determine the winner of the first year students. The rivals are Kacchan and Todoroki and yeah I just love Kacchan, kay?

The fight is awesome because they both have awesome powers. Bakugo has the Explosion quirk and Todoroki has the half-cold, half hot quirk so the battle is bound to be awesome too. But because Todoroki is mentally unstable and very confuses about some family issues he can’t show his maximum competency and he loses the battle.

I was cheering for Kacchan all the time, in case you hadn’t notice. Todoroki is cool and all but Kacchan has my heart since episode one!! Anyway, back to the event theme, yeahKAcchan won but he was very frustrated because he knew he won him when he wasn’t at his best and he wanted to win the most powerful opponent at his best. I felt the unfairness and in my head Bakugo's behavior is 100% justified!!

1)Gintoki vs. Jirocho , from Gintama

Phew, that was the most difficult decision I had to take in my life. Gintoki has just so many epic battles so I couldn’t choose but I ended up with Jirocho, one of the 4 Devas.

📣📣📣[Big Spoiler] Jirocho has attacked Otose and Gintoki tries to avenge her because *flashback* he had promise to her late husband that he will protect her as long as he lives. So he finds her lying in the cemetery and he sees Jirocho there. Knowing what had happen his switch just slips and the fight begins.[End of Big Spoiler]📣📣📣

Usually Gintoki is fighting with his consciousness and he knows when to hold back and when to go all out but at this fight he is like an animal. It’s actually scary because even when he fights; he doesn’t attack with malice or the intention to kill. But now he does, and he’s like another person for the first time.

The fight ends with Gintoki’s loss and after that he loses his motivation but Kagura, Shinpachi and the whole Kabuki District encourage him and strengthen his resolve so he goes to finish his job. This time it’s his win.

During the first encounter with Jirocho, it is really painful to see the usual carefree but nevertheless kind Gin-chan “breaks” and despite his struggle and anguish he loses a very important battle. Obviously I cheer for Gin-chan, what kind of person wouldn’t? And I feel his frustration and I want him so bad to win but aghh.. anyway you understand how I feel.

So here is the end of it and for some reason I wrote the battles from less favorite to more favorite order. Hope you enjoy and avoid the spoilers. I did my best to warn you!!

See ya!!

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